Zumba Online for Dance Fitness in the New Year

Zumba is dance fitness for the heart and body with music for the savage beast that’s in your soul. Even though Zumba began over twenty years ago, it remains a solid way to get in shape. There are lots of reasons this workout has been around for so long. To begin with, you’ll enjoy an increased feeling of well-being after a class. Of course, with time you’ll have more energy, an improved outlook on life, and your clothes will fit better. What more can you ask for? This is good shit!I

Online dance fitness training couldn’t be more convenient.

The beautiful thing about practicing Zumba online is it’s available any time you are. No more excuses; just grab a few minutes here and there and watch it add up as you become a happier, better you.

Not only that, but because Zumba is a mix of Latin and Hip Hop dance styles, you get to learn and practice new moves at home that you can use when you go out to a club. Therefore, there will be no more sitting out dances because your confidence is gonna go through the roof. You won’t believe how much fun it is to learn dance fitness moves online.

For Zumba online, check out these YouTube videos.

Zumba 2022 Warm-up with Classic Zumba – Dj Baddmixx

Zumba® 30-Minute Beginners Latin Dance Mini-Workout

12 Minutes of Senior Fitness – Low Impact/High Fun!

AFROBEAT DANCE fitness – BURN UP TO 500 CALORIES in 20 minutes workout

According to a post by sheydancestudios.com, Afro-dance is “…an evolution from traditional African dance styles following the creation of Afrobeats music and incorporates some dance moves from hip hop and salsa.” (Afrobeat Dance Fitness uses Hip Hop and Salsa dance moves, just like Zumba.)

Let’s not forget to cool-down after all this activity. Here are some suggestions.

I challenge you to watch those videos and sit still.

After a while, doing Zumba online may not be enough for you. At that point you may decide to take some local classes. Do it and make some new friends who love to dance. Then, you can get a group together and go dancing at different clubs. You’ll never regret making exercise and dancing a part of your life. Go ahead and see where it leads you.

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  1. I did Zumba some years past, Barbara, before getting stuck in to Ballroom dancing. It’s such a great way to have fun and a little aerobic exercise to boot. I’ll take a look at links you’ve posted.. 🙂

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