Learn to Dance Hip Hop Online

Really? You can learn to dance Hip Hop online? That would be so cool. Imagine taking class whenever you want. Finally, no more rushing home from work, grabbing a protein shake, and trying to get to class on time. Forget about feeling shy and embarrassed because it seems like everybody else in the class gets the moves before you do. Are you stressed out trying to remember steps and choreography? If you’re taking classes online, you can replay any part of the class as often as you need to. Repetition is the name of the game when it comes to learning to dance.

Learn to dance Hip Hop online with these 8 tips.

1. What dances can you learn?

According to virtuousdancecenter.com, “Hip hop is a dance style that originated in the United States and has spread worldwide. It typically involves breaking, locking, popping, and other street dance moves set to music…”

2. Are classes only for experienced dancers?

Previous dance experience isn’t needed; there are classes available for all dance levels. That means not only beginner, intermediate, and advanced students, but also, professionals and showdance performers.

3. How long does it take to learn to dance Hip Hop online? 

The time it takes to master online dance lessons varies depending on the individual.  Time, practice, and ability all play a part in determining when you’ll feel comfortable and confident in any dance style.

4. Who are the instructors? 

Even though anyone can make a TikTok video, many of the instructors are successful choreographers who have been dancing and teaching Hip Hop for years.  

5. What are their qualifications? 

Although some have stage experience, others started with YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok videos.

6. If I want to learn Hip Hop online, where can I find the lessons?

Ya gotta go online. That means a smartphone, laptop, smartTv, or tablet.

7. Can I learn online for free? 

You’ll have no trouble finding free tutorials on YouTube, TikTok, etc. For instance, one excellent example is an Indian dancer and choreographer named Rhhyme Koko Doley.  Watch this tutorial where he demonstrates 21 Hip Hop Dance Steps, Foundations, Concepts, and Ideas

Keep in mind, some people learn better in a structured program. For that reason, you might want to check out these very affordable dance programs.

8. How much do online programs cost? 

Prices for online dance lessons are based on what’s included in the program. Therefore, for more information, be sure to visit their website.

Some outstanding sources of online Hip Hop lessons are:

DNCR Academy

The face of DNCR Academy, Matt Stefanina, likes to call it a Global Dance Community for beginners, intermediate, and advanced dancers. As for his credentials, according to the website, “Matt has become the most followed dancer online with over 11M subscribers on Youtube, 3.7M on Instagram, and 4.5M on Tik Tok.” Very impressive!

This picture describes what is included in DNCR Academy dance classes.  The online school is dedicated to those who want to learn to dance hip-hop.
What’s included? Turns out quite a lot.

Watch this beginner/intermediate choreography: FINESSE (Remix) – Bruno Mars ft Cardi B Dance TUTORIAL || Matt Steffanina | DANCE TUTORIALS LIVE

What does it cost to learn to dance hip hop at DNCR Academy?

Full access to all classes is only $27/month. But, you’re in luck since there’s a discount of $10 for new customers making it only $17/month…forever!  Check the website, dncr.com.


Steezy.co is a big operation that includes over 1500 online classes, programs, and more. In fact, they offer instruction in 12 different styles, including Hip Hop, house, popping, locking, and Salsa. If you have never tried dancing before, it’s recommended that you start with their program called Brand New. Afterward, you move to Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced classes.

What’s really cool about this program is you have lots of control over how you watch the videos. For example, you can switch views and watch the instructor from the front or back. Also, you can control the speed, loop sections to play over and over while you work out the steps, and use your webcam to dance side-by-side with the teacher as you mirror his or her moves.

Here’s a YouTube video from one of steezy.co’s Hip Hop instructors, Learn These 6 Hip Hop Dance Moves. It’s for sure you’ll enjoy it because it’s playful and pays tribute to the history of how the moves started. Also, included is a link to steezy.co for free sample lessons.

Pay Steezy.co monthly or annually.

Take advantage of the free 7 day trial, then sign up for a Premium plan to get unlimited access to 1500+ classes. The monthly tuition is $20, however, you can save 58% with the annual billing of $100. In that case, it’s only $8.33/month. What a deal!

There you have it. Hopefully, I’ve included enough information to get you started on your way to Hip Hop dancing. Don’t think about it too long…it’s too much fun to miss out on.

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