Good Manners and Simple Pleasantries

Stress has been around forever. Ah, but these are especially troubling times. To be honest, I’m looking for a polite and civilized way to fight the feeling of too much mental and physical pressure. I’m gonna go with good manners and simple pleasantries.

What causes stress?

Do you mean things other than a worldwide pandemic? Well, let’s see. How about trouble at work or at home? Maybe the illness and death of friends or family. Some would say global warming and the fate of the earth. Social injustice? Poverty? War? Your choice.

This is the stuff that makes you want to hide your head in the sand.

Stress makes you want to hide your head in the sand.  Good manners and simple pleasantries will help.

Are we powerless against the lack of good manners in modern life?

No, we’re not powerless. In fact, there are lots of ways to soothe yourself. For example, things like mindful meditation, getting in touch with nature, and listening to music are all helpful. Additionally, there’s Yoga and Tai Chi. However, these are all solitary activities. After hunkering down in the house for months, it’s time to interact with others. You know, the outside world.

We can feel better by using good manners and simple pleasantries.

We must take into consideration that sometimes circumstances can make us feel out-of-sorts, maybe even surly or rude. In order to get past this, I suggest acting in a more good-natured and friendly way.

It’s good manners to acknowledge other people. Start out by smiling more. Even with a mask on, people can see you’re smiling by looking at your eyes. Don’t believe me? Then, go to a mirror and see for yourself. Try it when you’re out in public and enjoy the eyes of others smiling back at you. It’s a little thing, but good manners usually are.

Simple pleasantries are the things you might use in conversation to be polite. It could be a playful manner or witty remarks that lead to good-natured banter.

For instance:

  • A sincere compliment.
  • Inquiring about the family or the job.
  • A statement, such as, “I thought about you the other day when I heard that song you like.”.
  • “It’s so nice to finally meet you. I’ve heard so much about you.”.
  • A funny, exaggerated bow upon meeting someone.
Simple pleasantries like a witty bow is good manners.

It’s taking an interest in others to make them comfortable. In other words, ice-breakers.

For more information on getting along with others, see this Dance Safari post, “Good Relationship Skills are for Everyone“.

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