Good Relationship Skills are for Everyone

This post is about how to treat the people in your life. I’ll get right to the point. You gotta be nice. And, to tell the truth, it’s not that easy. That’s because good relationship skills take time to develop. They require patience, discipline, and maturity. In addition to that, I feel like after you grow into using good manners, eventually you grow out of it. Don’t believe me? Ask a senior citizen about people in general. I predict you’ll get an earful.

What does it take to have successful relationships with the people in your life?  

  1. Be a happy person who is open and friendly.
  2. Show fondness and respect for others.
  3. Don’t judge.

Let’s hear what John Lennon had to say about relationships.

Are you saying that I have to love all of my connections?

Of course not.  On the contrary, there are different levels of relationships and true love is reserved only for the very few special people in your life.

What are the different levels of relationships?

Level 1

The highest level of relationships revolves around the people you live with, as well as your family, and friends. To be sure, these are the people you know you can trust. They’re the ones you can confide in and know that whatever you say will remain between the two of you.   It’s easy to show them the love you feel for them.

good relationships start with love

Oh, yeah, I forgot about our pets. They need to be content in their relationship with their human. Here’s a Dance Safari post about my pet, Roxie. “A Dog Named Roxie…A Tale of Doggy Love“.

Level 2

Neighbors are a part of the second level and they’re always interesting. It takes all kinds to make the world go ’round. Some will embrace you immediately and become friends. Others might be a little shy and so appear to be standoffish. You also could end up with a neighbor that won’t even acknowledge you.

For your part, being a good neighbor isn’t hard if you show consideration with your behavior. That means keeping your area clean and not making a nuisance of yourself with loud music and parties. Also, make sure your pets are inside, fenced-in, or securely tied up.

Level 3

Next, we come to your employer, co-workers, and customers. They’re important because they’ll take up a good part of your day. So much so that having a good working relationship with them is imperative. Therefore, be the source of happiness around the group you work with. There’s no denying, it’s easy to pick up on grumpy moods and complaining. However, if you can help people get past that and on to solutions, you’ll be a pleasure to be around.

being a friendly co-worker will help build good relationships

Level 4

Service-givers like hair and nail techs, teachers, restaurant and retail workers are a part of Level 4. Then there are housekeepers, lawn service providers, and repair people. Furthermore, let’s not forget bankers, financial advisors, medical professionals, therapists, and more. These people are the ones who enrich our lives with advice and service. In fact, they deserve lots of respect and gratefulness as they are the ones who give us the gift of more time to spend with our loved ones.

speaking of our connections who are service providers, sometimes what they do isn’t quite up to snuff. When is it okay to complain and how does one go about it?

The answer is to be polite and considerate. It’s always a good idea to think of other’s feelings. You know, the Golden Rule. Put yourself in their place and speak to them the way you’d want to be spoken to if it was the other way around.

One final warning about keeping things friendly as you grow your relationships.

Not everyone you encounter will think that being happy, respectful, and non-judgemental is the right way to act. Because of this, they might dismiss you or ignore you. Keep in mind that, for some reason, they have built a wall around their hearts. You then must decide if you’ll be the one to warm them up. On the other hand, in order to keep your heart aflame, you might need to just move on.

It’s up to you to make the right choice.

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