Free Ballroom Dance Lessons this Weekend

With our recent no touching or standing within 6 feet of each other policy, ballroom dancing is getting tough to practice. Nevertheless, Dance Vision has done a cool thing. They’ve opened up their entire library of premium content to the public until April 1st. Now, I know that’s just around the corner, but what fun to have all of their content available for free ballroom dance lessons.

Benefits of checking out the Dance Vision website for free ballroom dance lessons.

As an example, here’s a great page from the website that you might want to visit. It’s the Learning Center. It covers techniques such as foot positions, dance positions, Latin motion, and even a dance dictionary. Please take them up on their offer. To be sure, you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

A visit to the Dances tab will take you to the complete syllabus (that’s Bronze, Silver, and Gold) of 23 dances. Included are American Smooth and Rhythm, International Ballroom and Latin, and the Social and Nightclub dances of East and West Coast Swing, Salsa, and Lindy Hop.

take free ballroom dance lessons and learn the lindy hop

This offer sounds familiar.

Previously Dance Safari put out a post explaining Dance Vision’s offer of a free month of access. That’s still available and it’s an awesome deal. However, why not take advantage of this offer first. Simply go to the website and start clicking. There’s no sign-up necessary.

What are you waiting for? Pick up some steps and brush up on technique. Get back to dancing. You know you want to and you know you need to.

Happy Dancing…thank you Dance Vision.

By the way, in no way am I compensated for this recommendation. I just want to start spreading the news to my fellow ballroom dance lovers. Get yer free ballroom dance lessons today!


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