Dance to Feel Better When You Can’t Take Lessons

These are trying times, for sure. It’s hard to believe how much the COVID-19 coronavirus is disrupting our lives. It’s so stressful that you just want to dance to feel better. But, with your dance lessons cut back or even canceled, what are you gonna do? Well, if your teacher’s using the Dance Vision DVIDA syllabus, you’re in luck.

Ballroom dance studios use a list, known as a syllabus, that’s taught during private lessons and group classes. They teach techniques such as:

  • Foot Position
  • Timing
  • Dance Position
  • Lead and Follow
  • Footwork and Leg Action
  • Room Alignment
  • Amount of Turn

Please take my recommendation and read more about ballroom dance techniques in this Dance Safari post, “Ballroom Dancing Basics – Partnership, Dance Position, and Timing“.

The DVIDA syllabus is available to the public for online streaming.

Dance Vision’s DVIDA Syllabus

In addition to written manuals, there’s a monthly subscription service that’s available online. The subscription plans break down the leader’s and follower’s steps. Choose from Bronze, Silver, and Gold in both American and International styles. Furthermore, you’ll have access to many more dance styles and techniques. When you need to dance to feel better, it’s almost too good to be true.

What caught my eye is the 30-day free trial.

What a great deal! To say nothing of the fact that no credit card is needed for the free subscription. Then, after the 30 days, you can cancel the service, pay monthly for the Premium Plan, or pay the year in full for the Elite Plan. Personally, my recommendation is the Elite Plan because, not only is it giving a substantial discount, but it includes some additional features.

The following Premium and Elite plan descriptions are from the Dance Vision website.

PREMIUM Subscription

Dance with DVIDA to feel better when you can't get to your lessons.

You are serious about dancing! Get the foundation and more. Full access to the Bronze-Gold DVIDA Syllabus video libraries and manuals.  Technique and Variation video libraries included!


Please note:  Argentine Tango DVIDA Syllabus & Country-Western DVIDA Syllabus are not included in this plan but are available to purchase as add-ons @$4.99/month each.

Elite Subscription

dance to feel better with online training from dvida

Includes Bronze-Gold American, International, Social & Club Style, Argentine Tango, and Country Western DVIDA Syllabi, plus the Technique, Variation, and Competitor’s library.  Includes Argentine Tango and Country Western.


Any other recommendations as we’re waiting for things to get back to normal?

There’s a book entitled Dance Anatomy that offers excellent training for all dancers, regardless of the style they’re studying. As the book cover suggests, use it for “improving flexibility, reducing injury, and enhancing strength“. To this end, beautiful illustrations will help you identify the muscles that you’ll use to become a stronger dancer and a better partner.


One last thing. Of course, you need to dance to feel better but keep in mind that it’s best to avoid using books and online syllabus videos to learn new material. Rather, use them for review. When you get back to your lessons, your instructor will help you with new steps, dances, techniques, and other recommendations.

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