The Rhythm of Dance is All Around Us

Some people have asked the question, “Why do you dance?” To that I say, look around you. Notice the rhythm of dance in the movement of the four elements of nature, earth, air, fire, and water. The ancient Greeks believed these elements to be essential to life. They are the things that entice us to move and dance.  We’ve got to dance to be in synch with the universe. Movement begets movement and so, we dance.

You could say the following things in nature can dance:

  • The ocean, rivers, and waterfalls sparkle as they move to the rhythm of their surroundings.
  • Clouds dance by at a leisurely pace as they seek their final destination before the sun puts an end to their trip.
  • Rain seems to explode with joy as it hits the pavement in it’s own bouncy cadence.
  • Pine trees sway in the wind to a serenade only they know.
  • What is more mesmerizing then watching leaves fall from the tree and blow across the lawn as if performing a dreamy Waltz?
  • Burning the fallen leaves creates smoke that drifts upward like a snake under the snake charmer’s spell.
  • A volcano erupting in all it’s fierce glory is frightening and yet so beautiful that it’s hard to look away.

Watch the molten lava dance in rhythm with the heaving volcano.

On the other hand, upon a mild evening’s sunset, there may be no movement at all.  As the firey sun sets and the moon takes it rightful place in the night sky, there may be silence and a calm lack of movement. This is when we can quietly reflect on our life and position.  Meditation, affirmations, and being mindful are all buzzwords that really mean it’s time to settle down. Surely, you can take a moment for yourself to appreciate the people, places, and things that led you here. In addition to that, please never forget to have gratitude for the rhythm of nature that instills in us the desire to dance. Express yourself! 

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  1. My most sincere interest in dance now would be something that enhances the “yin’ element of my life where I think less and movemore slowly. Any suggestions would be welcome?

    • You and your wife are devoted travelers and, as a result, have enjoyed many adventures together. Have you considered dabbling in ballroom dancing? Now, there’s an ideal hobby for a couple who have been together for many years and aren’t afraid to try new things. A few compelling reasons make me feel it would be the right move for you.

      The first thing that comes to mind is, you are someone who has a built-in dance partner. You two are a team in your travels and would be a team on the dance floor, as well. Make no mistake, dancing with you is something she would love. Making ballroom dancing a hobby that you enjoy together will only enhance your life and your trips. Imagine dancing all around the world. You’ll probably want to add some visits to ballrooms to your itinerary.

      As far as your desire to be a bit more chill, keep in mind that executing your ballroom dance steps will be automatic, something like driving a car. Once you get the patterns down, it’s a matter of moving to the music and avoiding traffic.

      My recommendation for a first dance is a slow dreamy dance such as the Waltz. It’s sometimes called the ‘princess dance’ for the way it makes your follower feel. The basic step in our American style is called a Box step. At its best, it rotates and moves clockwise around the room. There are a few other progressive actions and even turns and spins for the lady.

      After the Waltz, you’ll naturally pick up on the Rumba. It shares many of the same steps and would be ideal for a romantic dance when you visit Latin countries.

      Please consider some ballroom lessons. As I mentioned previously, I spent most of my adult life in South Florida. I’m sure I could make some recommendations for studios that you might visit. Pretty certain you’d enjoy it. Think about it.

      ps – Sorry this is so long, but I’m very enthusiastic about my craft. lol

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