US National Professional Ballroom Champions 2021

Every September, for over half a century, the US Dance Championships (USDC), America’s premier ballroom dance competition, has been held. As a matter of fact, in 2021 it was headquartered at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort in Orlando, Florida. It certainly was an exciting week of amateur and professional ballroom dancing. Especially thrilling were the events that led to the crowning of the US National Professional Ballroom Champions. Therefore, here, for your viewing pleasure, are some winners from 2021.

Logo of 50th anniversary of USDC where they crown the US National Professional Ballroom Champions.
The competition held in 2021 was recognized as the
50th Anniversary of the US Dance Championships.

To begin with, enjoy these recent performances by the current (2021) US National Professional Ballroom Champions.

US National Professional International Ballroom

Iaroslav Bieliei & Liliia Bieliei (California)

The Ball at San Francisco Open 2021

US National Professional International Latin

Troels Bager & Ina Jeliazkova (New York)

International Grand Ball DanceSport Championships 2021, Burlingame, CA

US National Professional American Smooth

Roman Malkhasyan & Galina Detkina (Florida)

South Open Dancesport Championships 2021, Orlando, FL

Prior to 1984, the American style combined both Smooth and Rhythm dances. Thereafter, Smooth and Rhythm were split into two separate divisions. To illustrate how the American style has evolved, here you’ll see the 1984 Smooth champions, Charles and Jean Penatello, dancing an American style Foxtrot.

Also, for more on the International style and American style Foxtrot, here’s a Dance Safari post, “Foxtrot Styles Explained…American vs. International“.

US National Professional Rhythm

Andre Paramonov & Natalie Paramonov (Florida)

Dance Sway Winter Showcase 2021, Miami, FL

And, in addition…

Although there are other styles being performed by outstanding competitors at the USDC, one of my personal favorites is the Mambo Championship. For that reason, I’ve included this spicy performance by the current US National Professional Mambo Champions.

US National Professional Mambo Championship

Kevin Ubillus and Milagros Lareto (Florida)

Ohio Star Ball 2021, Columbus, OH

It’s such a treat to watch all of these outstanding competitors perform.

Not only that, it’s hard to believe that they started out just like you and me. Accordingly, congratulations are in order for those who have achieved their dreams of becoming National Champions!

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  1. I watched a bit of all of the videos, Barbara. I know my favourite is the ballroom; my little heart almost skipped a beat watching the couple dance the tango – one of my most favourite dances!
    Such a treat…

    • Oh, Carolyn, I do agree with you. Their musicality is outstanding and made me wish it was a longer performance. It sure was fun doing the research for this post!
      Thanks for your support,

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