Worried or Upset?  Dance Your Fears and Tears Away

Like a joyful child who is singing, a dancer feels happy when he or she is dancing. Both singing and dancing are delightful, however, you can’t be surprised that I feel strongly about ballroom dancing. There are lots of reasons to dance. For example, when you hear your favorite song, you might want to shake your booty. Holding your sweetheart’s hand may have you leading turns and spins at a moment’s notice. What about the first dance at a wedding? Pure love and happiness! How about if you’re worried or upset? Can dancing help you out of your funk and get you back to living a confident life? By all means, yes!

This little girl is singing and not worried about anything.
Kids know how to rock the mic!

My grandson sings constantly.  And, he’s loud.  It seems he’s especially loud when we’re at the supermarket.  But, who can be mad at a child for singing?  Not me.  Singing means you’re happy and in a good mood.  Now, I know there are a few sappy songs that you sing when you’re sad, but I’m talking about the ones you belt out when you’re feeling great. (Speaking of sappy, hearing my grandson singing like that gives my heart wings.)

When you’re feeling worried, ballroom dancing has the same superpower as singing.

It can easily lead to calmer feelings. Here are 3 ways how:

1. Upset because you’re lonely?

Give fear and suffering the boot with partner dancing. For one thing, by its very nature, it has the power of human touch. That’s a biggie because, sadly, some people just don’t get nearly enough.

2. Get moving.

Moving with your partner to music is an ideal way to reduce anxiety and fear. It naturally releases chemicals in the brain called endorphins that are key to fighting a troubled mind. Therefore, after just a few minutes of ballroom dancing, you’ll begin to feel more relaxed and calm.

This picture shows a couple dancing in the street with nothing to upset them.
Dancing is fun.

3. Socializing with others at the dance club takes you out of your head.

Just like the old Cheers song says, “Taking a break from all your worries sure would help a lot.” If you’d prefer to feel excited, at peace, powerful, sassy, or cool, ballroom dancing’s got your back.

  • Swing – lively, flashy, jazzy
  • Waltz – peaceful, like floating on a cloud
  • Tango – powerful, passionate, intense
  • Cha Cha – provocative, showy, bold
  • Foxtrot – the epitome of cool

When you ballroom dance, you tap into a whole mess of feelings and emotions. Not to mention you’re showcasing your confidence and versatility. So, if you want to rid yourself of fears and tears, get thee up on the dance floor and take advantage of the music and your company.

Not sure what to expect as you begin your ballroom dance lessons? Here’s the Dance Safari post with all the answers, “Getting Started with Your Ballroom Dance Lessons“.

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  1. Hi Barbara,
    Loved this post. Everything you have said is so true!
    I do miss going social dancing with friends. Here in Australia we have restrictions at the moment and they keep changing. We did get to a social last Sunday, which was a lot of fun. However, it took two and one half hours there and back; five hours altogether! But, to be with friends enjoying the music and dance was wonderful.
    K is still not happy with his knee and goes back to the specialist this coming Monday. He will learn whether or not he requires more surgery. Fingers crossed.
    Love the fact of your grandson enjoying singing. T’would certainly bring joy to the heart… hahahah

    • Hey Carolyn,
      The crazy pandemic is still trying to bring us down. But, as long as there’s music playing, there will be people dancing. Sending good thoughts to K. Tell him I said, “Break a leg”.

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