Tucker Budzyn & an Unofficial Dictionary of Dog-Speak

In case you somehow missed him, Tucker Budzyn is a super cute Golden Retriever that lives in Michigan.  Because of his clever videos, Tucker has a huge presence on Social Media with many followers.  In fact, here are some of his recent statistics:

  • Twitter – 41.8K – @tuckerbudzyn
  • Instagram – 2.9M
  • YouTube – 3.36M
  • Facebook – 4M
  • TikTok – 7.9M

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got like 300 followers.  Obviously, this guy’s doing something right!

Tucker Budzyn and Linda are a great team.

In particular, it’s fun to watch Tucker and his mama as they do everyday things like go to the dog park or meet up with friends. Sometimes he’ll do a little doggie-speak, but mostly it’s his hooman, Linda, putting words in his mouth. To illustrate, watch them in action here.

Tucker’s a good-natured dog and he’s up for anything. For example, he doesn’t mind wearing a tuxedo for his wedding (that’s right, I said his wedding) or putting on snow boots for a romp outside on an icy afternoon. He also participates in taste tests and loves to get dirty and then do a cleanse in the tub.

Let’s look at an unofficial dictionary of dog-speak.

Am doin’ a cleanse – taking a bath (also, “Do me a spaw.”)

Aw, kaale no! – Oh, hell no!

Boops – tapping the dog on the paw, nose, or head (hint: they don’t like that)

Breff – breath, as in, “Linda, your breff stinks!”

Chimken – chicken

Floof – fur under the chin or on upper chest

Fren – friend

Gib – give

Halp – help

Hekk u – eff you (also, hekkin‘ for emphasis, as in, “Gib that chimken here. Hekkin’ starving.“)

Henlo – hello

Pawlice – police

Pweez – please

Thamks – thanks (also, thamks dogness for thank goodness or thamks dog for thank god)

Treato – treat

Wooter – water

One more thing, this talented pup has a store with his own merchandise!

Finally, after you fall in love with Tucker and Linda, you’re gonna want to visit their shop, Tucker Budzyn Shop.

Tucker Budzyn has his own shop with merchandise.

Even though Roxie and I don’t indulge in dog-speak, she means a lot to me. Not only that, but she is the inspiration for this Dance Safari post, “How to Be Happy – Be the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are“.

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  1. How’s our favorite Father and Son duo? You always make me smile and say Aww. Love you both Wilma

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