This Too Shall Pass, You Cannot Defeat Me

Yeah, I know these are trying days. Thanks, COVID-19. Even if you’re lucky enough to have your health, there’s quarantine, self-isolation, 6-foot social distancing… it’s nuts! In addition to that, unemployment, investment losses, and child care worries because of school closings. But, guess what? All of our everyday problems are still here, too. How will we get through this? I like this quote from Ann Landers, who authored the “Ask Ann Landers” advice column for 47 years. She speaks the truth when she says, “This too shall pass”.

ann landers says, this too shall pass in this quote

This is where practicing mindfulness comes in handy.

Become more aware of yourself and your surroundings.

Look at, feel, and appreciate what you have at this very moment. A few minutes of mindfulness meditation gives you time to take your body’s inventory. Start with your feet and work your way up to your head. Give yourself some attention and you’ll be exercising your consciousness muscle. Soon you and your surroundings will be as one.

An attentive person is alert and focused.

Actively using your 5 senses will help you absorb the positive energy and spirit of your environment. By that, we’re pretty much saying slow down and pay attention to the things around you.

become more mindful by using your five senses - see, hear, touch, taste, and smell

Be cautious as you fight to stay in the present moment.

Avoid picking up anxiety and fear that others may display. Its easy to get drawn in by negativity, but that’s contrary to what you’re trying to achieve, isn’t it? Rather, smile, breathe and know that things will be better soon.

Observe and learn from other’s mindfulness.

On the other hand, feel free to feed on your companion’s positivity. Ah, that’s better. There’s power in being absolutely sure that “the sun’ll come out tomorrow“. Equally important, be strong and maintain the ‘you cannot defeat me‘ attitude.

Respect other people’s feelings and know that “this too shall pass“.

Whatever you do, tune in to yourself and repeat after me, “This too shall pass“. And finally, read this Dance Safari post, “Down in the Dumps? Learn this Secret and Climb to the Top“.

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