5 Ways Ballroom Dancing Can Be Your Secret Weapon

At first, it seems unlikely that ballroom dancing would be a secret weapon for a better life. You’re saying, “Dancing? Moving around to music? This is a life changer? I don’t think so!” Nevertheless, many a ballroom dancer believes it to be true.

These 5 items are associated with ballroom dancing. Each one is a secret weapon that you’ll use to create your best life.

1. Listen and really pay attention to music.

Before you started ballroom dance lessons, there’s a good chance you didn’t pay much attention to the nuances of music.  With instruction, it’s become surprisingly easy to pick out the music’s rhythms and breaks. You’ve learned to really listen to music. It’s no longer just background noise.

Pay attention to the music.

Speaking of listening, do you have any thoughts on how learning to listen can lead to better connections with the people in your life? When you listen as others speak, they’ll tell you things you need to know. They’ll open up because it’s rare to come across a good listener. If you take advantage of this skill with your family or co-workers, you’ll find out where they stand on issues and what their needs are. Focus on listening to show respect.

2. Sore feet?

When you’re lucky enough to enjoy a long day of ballroom dancing, you may end up with throbbing feet. The thing is, it only hurts when you stop. What’s the solution? Keep dancing, of course. Don’t stop.

This applies to any painful situation that you face. The key is to stay the course, work towards your goals, and enjoy the sense of achievement when you reach them. You can always soak your feet later.

Dance Safari has a post entitled, “Power of Ballroom Dancing – It Only Hurts When You Stop“. Hope you enjoy it.

3. Use choreography to your advantage.

It takes a lot of concentration and perseverance to learn and master ballroom dance choreography. But, you stick with it because it feels so damn good when you finally get it. What a sense of accomplishment! If that’s not a secret weapon, I don’t know what is.

The focus you employ when you’re learning new choreography will easily carry over to learning a challenging new skill at work. Like dancing, just put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward.

4. Critiques can be good for you.

Starting to see what an advantage ballroom dancing gives you? Perhaps, at this point, you’re able to take criticism for what it is, a suggestion by a partner, teacher, or coach to help you improve your skills.

Having this attitude will certainly help with other relationships in your life, don’t you think? Not only is it less stressful, but cooperation is also always better than confrontation.

quote about why critiques are to your advantage
Don’t take it personally.

5. The world’s a stage.

In your wildest dreams, did you ever imagine that you’d love having people watch you dance? Performing in shows or participating in competitions pushes you to work hard for perfection and recognition.

It’s really the preparation that leads to having the confidence to get up in front of people. Go ahead and share your knowledge. Having performed and live to talk about it, you now know making a presentation or speech is no big deal. In fact, this is just another advantage that comes with learning to dance.

Speaking of performing, enjoy this amazing dancing by Cabaret, Theatrical, and Exhibition champions, Shane and Shannon Jensen.

Learn ballroom dancing because it’s an important social skill that comes with lots of useful side benefits. And, who couldn’t use a little help now and then?

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