Striking Out in Sales? Get Back Out There & Close the Deal

Nobody likes rejection.  Not only do we hate being turned down, but it can come from anywhere.  For instance, your heart-throb is suddenly too busy for you, an interviewer isn’t impressed when you’re looking for a job, or your child refuses to eat the lovely dinner you prepared.  In fact, any one of those situations can make you feel bad. But, if you’re trying to make a living as a salesperson, the rejection hurts both your feelings and your wallet.  Let’s face it, striking out in sales sucks!

striking out in sales is like getting fired

By the way, I found this video about umpire training and their hand signals (okay, ya caught me – I wasn’t sure what the ‘out’ signal was). Anyway, I had to watch the whole thing (4 minutes) because it was really interesting. Check it out; if you’re like me you’ll learn something.

An important point to remember is, don’t take it personally.  

If you’ve chosen to make a living in sales, you’re probably a pretty decent person. By that I mean, you like people and they tend to like you. In addition, you’re aware that you need to develop a relationship with your potential customers. That’s why you go out of your way to be helpful, professional, and friendly. Therefore, it’s unlikely that you’re getting no-sales because of your looks or demeanor.

If you don’t learn how to look at rejection as a part of your job, your sales will suffer…and so will you.

  • It goes without saying, being turned down is bad for your confidence.
  • Being on the receiving end of a thumbs down creates a fear of failure that leads to avoiding prospecting.
  • Getting the brush-off kills self-esteem.
  • It’s difficult to be gracious when someone vetos your suggestions.

If you want a favorable outcome, it’s important to remember that it’s a numbers game.  I know you’ve heard it before, but it’s undeniable.  Because no one bats 1,000, every swing and a miss puts you closer to a hit.  Truth is, a successful salesperson knows to embrace striking out.

How to use striking out to your advantage.

Ask questions and really listen. Unfortunately, you won’t always get the truth. However, if you can keep a conversation going, you may get some ideas about how to proceed. The important thing is to get back on the horse. Don’t be afraid to try a different close. If you must accept the turndown, be sure to leave with a promise to stay in touch. And, then do it.

For more on how to close more deals, try this Dance Safari post, “Become a Better Closer By Using These Listening Skills”.

One way to avoid total rejection is to follow the sales procedure that your company uses. It is usually a step-by-step guide to creating sales the old-fashioned way – by relationship selling. Never forget that people will buy from someone they like. Following your procedure will help you remember to push the right buttons in all of your interactions.

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