Become a Better Closer By Using These Listening Skills

Nothing is better than being a good listener. However, when it comes to sales, it’s very important to have a procedure to follow.  Indeed, the point of consistently using a procedure is it ensures that you take all the steps necessary to reach your goals. Besides, successful selling depends on it.  Even so, a salesperson must be very careful that he or she doesn’t come off as robotic or mechanical as they run their procedure. One way to avoid that is to use the following listening skills to become a better closer.

Become more successful at selling with good listening skills.

(Keep in mind, these tips won’t be of much help if you’re suffering from hearing loss. Read here for help with managing that.)

Successful selling depends on your role as a trusted adviser.


Of course, getting your prospect to give you their attention is the first step in building a healthy relationship.  You can’t become a better closer without having the trust of your potential customer. To achieve that, simply give them all of your attention. By really concentrating on them, you’ll be giving them the sense that what they say is important to you. That’s a proven way to develop successful selling habits.

Here’s an example of what I mean. Let’s say you have a crush on someone.  If you get a chance to get to know them, don’t blow it by talking about yourself.  Instead, focus on them as you make conversation. Really take an interest in what you learn about them.  This will make a great impression on them and they’ll think you’re so easy to talk to. Who wouldn’t love that?

becoming a better closer starts with listening

Asking questions is crucial in order to become a better closer.

We’ve all had the experience of being pursued by a salesperson.  For example, you walk into a store, and they holler at you from across the room.  “Welcome to _____.  What can I help you find?”  To that, most likely, your answer will be, “Just looking” while you do that ‘stop’ thing with your hand.

stop and listen to your customer
Just looking.”

Salespeople do better when they take the time to get to know their customers. And, when given an opportunity, they endeavor to speak with them about their needs and desires.  Show interest by asking the right questions and really, really listening to the answers.  

Repeat after me, “…in other words

Successful selling depends on communication. And, when it comes to listening, never underestimate the power of parroting.  A couple of things are accomplished when you make a habit of repeating back what others are saying.  

  • You have to pay attention to their comments.  How are you going to make clarifying statements back to them if you don’t get what they’re telling you?
  • They’re being shown, in no uncertain terms, how important they are to you.  You’re showing them respect.

Let’s add improve listening skills to this Dance Safari post, “It’s Time to Learn How to…” It doesn’t seem like it should be so hard to do. But, in fact, most people don’t listen as well as they could. It’s best to stop thinking about what you’re gonna say next, and truly get in step with your prospect. Also, never forget, Practice Makes Perfect.

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