Boxed Wine – Pick Up Some Good Everyday Quaffing Wine

Certainly, I understand there’s a difference between wine bottles and wine boxes.  Especially the perceived lack of class when it comes to drinking boxed wine.  To be sure, I’m not going to show up at a friend’s lovely dinner party with one.  However, there’s a place in life for the humble box.  With this in mind, let’s think of it as weekday wine.  

When I worked at a studio in Ohio, we served wine at the practice parties.  

Therefore, I’d usually do the shopping on the afternoon of the party. But, one time Boss Man decided he’d do it. When he came back with boxed wine, I just about died.  

It didn’t seem right. To begin with, the studio was very large and beautifully decorated. As a matter of fact, we had three ballrooms, a kitchen, a bar, as well as 7 wide-screen TVs. But even so, I’m expected to serve wine out of a box?  Oh, the embarrassment!

But, I now know I was wrong.  

(Check out this Dance Safari post about practice parties, “Ballroom Dance Parties – You Don’t Have to Be Cinderella to Have a Ball at the Ball!“.)

Boxed Wine vs. Bottled Wine

Boxed Wine

  • Known as ‘bag in a box’ wine.
  • It’s sold primarily in a 3-liter size which is the equivalent of 4 bottles.
  • Because it’s not glass, it’s lighter and easier to carry and store.
  • Pours from a spigot. For this reason, no foil-cutter, corkscrew, or wine preservation accessories are needed.
  • Stays fresh for 4-6 weeks.
  • Save as much as 40% over bottles.
  • Choose prize-winning wines with subtle or complex flavors.

Bottled Wine

A bottle of good, weekend wine teases you about the magnificent liquid mystery it holds. From the design of the label to the intensity of the color, it becomes more than just a drink. Indeed, it’s an event.

Some tools you might need when opening, drinking, or preserving a bottle of wine are:

Foil Cutter


Red and White Wine Glasses

Wine Preservation System

Cheese and Crackers

Watch this video to learn how to open and serve yourself from a boxed wine.

Here are two of my favorites. Both Bota Box and Black Box are affordable choices. Either brand is great for a quick glass when the spirit moves you.

wine glasses are ready for a nice bottle or boxed wine

Red and white Boxed wines are available at this link:

One last thing.

It’s important to mention that if you’re into wine futures or like to purchase young wines with the intention of aging them, you’ve got to go with the bottles. That’s because wine won’t age in the box. On the other hand, if you’re looking to drink it sooner rather than later, give boxed wine a chance.

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  1. Oh Barbara; enjoy your wine! Bottled or boxed.. 😉 😉
    That’s one thing in life I’ve not acquired a taste for – wine! I can cope with a very mellow red, and Chianti with a great Italian meal is something I imbibe in once in a while. But, in the main, any wine drinking is left to K who enjoys a glass or two most days. Cin-cin 🥂

    • Carolyn, I support whatever makes you happy and I believe you do, too. Waiting for a hurricane to hit Raleigh overnight tonight. I do believe it’ll be a 2-glass night for me. Lol

      • The hurricane arrived right on schedule, around 2 am. That 2nd glass of wine did the job…I slept right through it! I got up at about 4 am and it was all gone. However, it took my power with it. No biggie, it was restored at around 10 am.
        Thanks for the hugs.

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