The Best Thing About Ballroom Dancing is…

Without a doubt, the very best thing about ballroom dancing is the strong sense of community. No one is a stranger when we get together to dance with each other. That’s the key, isn’t it? We dance with each other – for ourselves, but with each other.

And, you thought you’d just pick up a few steps.

So you say to yourself, “Sure, I’ll go to a dance studio and learn a couple of steps and that will be that.” Boy, were you wrong! You’re a part of the ballroom dance community now. To illustrate how important it is to be a part of a community, please take a moment to read this post.

When it comes to dancing, we’re all the same. Everybody and anybody can (and should) fall in love with ballroom dancing. Whether you’re young, old, rich, or poor, your spirits will be lifted when you join our community.

We’re always here for each other. Depending on the situation, we’ll get together to encourage, support, or console. You can count on your dance buddies to celebrate with you when things are good or lift you up when you’re down.

best thing about ballroom dancing is encouragement
We encourage each other.

Community means we share dance floor decorum.

It seems that ballroom dancers are a polite bunch. Perhaps our good manners come from learning ballroom dance etiquette. In other words, the niceties that we use to get along with each other on the dance floor. There’s a sincere concern for each other’s feelings and safety when we’re dancing. Please read more about dance etiquette in this Dance Safari post, “3 Ballroom Dance Etiquette Blogs I Like“.

best thing about ballroom dancing
That’s what we need – a secret club handshake!

The truth is, we’re all members of a secret club that we don’t want to be secret anymore. To be sure, people who never took lessons may not get what it’s like to be in a wonderful environment filled with music and fun. However, once you’ve picked up this all-important skill, you’ll never be alone again.

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    • Agreed. That is why I advocate for ballroom dancing. People who are shy and lonely can enjoy the company, music, and human touch that are a part of it. Thanks for reading, Lucia.

  1. Loved this, Barbara; it is oh so true!
    Ballroom dancing opened up a brand new world for me in 2006. To share the same love of music and the constant improvement of movement (to it) is one of the greatest pleasures of my life today; to say nothing of the fabulous friendships that have been developed.
    Oh yes; dance, and the social aspect that is an integral part of dance keeps my little heart singing!

    • Thanks, Carolyn. I’m proud to be in an industry that makes so many people feel good. Also, how nice is it to have dance friends from all over the world.

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