Eyebrows Need Love, Too. Where to Begin.

Eyebrows are important. In the first place, they keep water and perspiration from dripping down into your eyes.  To be sure, we appreciate that. But, although they protect your eyes, they serve another purpose, as well. Well-groomed eyebrows are like the icing on the cake when it comes to appearance and expression.

Indeed, the benefits of having good-looking eyebrows are many.

  • Frame the eyes
  • Open up the face
  • Create a youthful appearance
  • Facial expressions (Check out this post about body language and facial expressions.)

So, it’s a given that we’d like to have beautifully thick and perfectly shaped eyebrows. However, what if, due to overgrooming and aging, your eyebrows are thin and sparse?

Some say that aggressively tweezing and/or waxing can damage the follicle with the results being patchy brows. In that case, your job is to let them grow out. Furthermore, as they grow, you’ll want to shape and fill in what you have.

Use any of the following methods to shape and clean up your eyebrows.


Many professionals swear by the Tweezerman Slant for precision care of eyebrows. In addition, Tweezerman has a terrific guarantee which includes free sharpening. According to their website, “We fully stand behind the manufacturing of our beauty tools and guarantee their performance. We offer free sharpening and repair services on Tweezerman tweezers, scissors, and nippers for as long as the implement can be sharpened, with no outbound shipping or handling charges and no processing fees.

Show your eyebrows a little love by tweezing them.

Eyebrow Shaper

It’s a tiny, little razor to use on your face. It’s very useful when you’re cleaning up the little hairs above your brows.

Battery operated eyebrow shapers can also be used on the upper lip and nose hair.

Waxing or Threading

Even though there are DIY kits for waxing and threading, I’m going to recommend you have these procedures done professionally, at least the first few times.

Both methods remove the hair from the follicle and last between 4-6 weeks.

Waxing is done by spreading the wax over the unwanted hair before a strip of paper or cloth is placed over it and pulled off in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

If you decide to try this yourself, Nad’s Ultimate Brow Shaping Kit is known to be one of the most precise eyebrow waxing kits.

Threading is an ancient art that uses a piece of specially treated cotton thread. It’s twisted to create a mini-lasso that snags and removes the hairs quickly from the follicles. Then, the salon may trim the hairs to neaten the brows and define the shape.

Now that the eyebrows are shaped up, what’s the best product to use to fill them in?

There are lots of different ways to fill in and polish up the appearance of your brows after shaping.

  • Pencil
  • Powder
  • Cream
  • Gel, sometimes known as Brow Mascara

Mess around with all of them and, when you find the one that suits you stick with it. If you’re not sure how to use them, get on YouTube and take your pick of tutorials. I spent an hour and a half watching them this morning. Also, if you’re like me and your eyebrows have some gray and white hairs, consider a tinted gel, like this one.

Finally, in order to fill in and blend for a more natural appearance, invest in an eyebrow brush and spoolie. The short, angled brush is ideal for applying powder and cream to your brows. The spoolie, which looks like a mascara wand, is used to blend it all together.

In conclusion, in order to look your best, your eyebrows are gonna need a little attention. From there, maybe you or someone you know would like to take a look at this Dance Safari post, “Boomer Style – Hair, Nails, Makeup Pared Down“. Couldn’t hurt!

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  1. This is a discussion I have had with two good friends who have their eye brows dyed. As they aged their eyebrows turned white. Mine have not. I am proud (lol) of my eyebrows.

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