A Fresh Start for Frustrated Ballroom Dancers

The ballroom dance community is overdue for a fresh start.  Therefore, it’s time to put on your face mask, grab a partner, and do-si-do towards a new beginning.  Above all, it’s a chance to reconnect with old friends and make some new ones. Now, I’ve heard talk about how you’re not sure that you’ll start dancing again. Forget it! Get back on that horse and I promise you’ll kick yourself for thinking you could live without it.

Looking for a fresh start? Here are 3 things you’ll gain when you get back to dancing:

1. We’ve experienced a shortage of ‘human touch’. Ballroom dancing fixes that.

It’s not a little thing. Shaking hands, getting and giving hugs and high-fives are necessary to our well-being. While it’s true that everybody needs the company of others, there’s one thing I know for sure, ballroom dancers absolutely crave human contact.  In fact, we don’t feel right without it, and I mean a lot of it.

Two bodies moving to the music as one is what it’s all about isn’t it? Even so, sharing the experience with your dance partner can’t be done without contact. Touching is a big part of why ballroom dancing is such a pleasurable experience. To give our fresh start a boost, we need to connect now.

Fresh starts include puppy high-fives.
I know we’re talking about human touch, but, c’mon, this is a puppy high-five. Too cute!

Here’s a post that speaks to the advantages of human touch.

2. Beginning or continuing ballroom dancing will challenge you mentally and physically.

One of the greatest benefits of learning ballroom dancing comes from mental stimulation. Especially in the beginning as it’s very much like learning another language. In addition, the challenge keeps your mind sharp.

Another point to consider is that ballroom dancing is a sneaky way to get into the best shape of your life. The joyful movement to your favorite musical styles really makes it feel like you’ve discovered the fountain of youth. Let’s journey towards a new beginning as we reacquaint ourselves with partner dancing.

Enjoy this Dance Safari post, “Get in Shape for the ’20s with Ballroom Dance Lessons“.

3. A fresh start in an activity that’s good, old-fashioned fun.

We’ve all done our best to stay in contact with friends, family, and neighbors, but it doesn’t come close to spending time together. Ballroom dancers love to mingle, chat, tell stories, and, of course, dance. Nothing shady going on there.

As we’re beginning to move through the phases in this journey to our new normal, the good feelings and benefits we get from dancing will lift our spirits. Do yourself a favor and dance whenever you can.

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  1. Our club opened up for 2 weeks until the ban on selling liquor. Hubby and I had our masks on. No one else did, didn’t social distance, and had multiple partners.

  2. Here’s hoping, Barbara!
    One of our social dances could be opening within the next few weeks. However, one of our Australian states (Victoria) has had a spike in covid numbers and is now isolated from the rest of us.
    With this in mind I believe we’ll take it with a grain of salt (any opening) until we have a vaccine to protect us all. This will be the only way we can ‘almost’ guarantee health for us all.
    That shouldn’t and isn’t stopping me from dancing. And I know that Susie (above) continues with her fitness regime no matter what. What a fabulous example she is!!!

    • You bet Susie is an inspiration to so many.
      Can’t say I blame you for waiting to get back to the studio. Especially if you’re getting your dance fix in the safety of your home. It’s the people and the social aspect that we miss though, isn’t it?

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