Get in Shape for the ’20s with Ballroom Dance Lessons

It’s time to take charge of our health. Not only is it the start of a new year, but we’re also entering into a new decade.  So, you resolve to lose weight and get in shape. Again. Don’t begin this new challenge by reliving past failures.  As a matter of fact, there’s a way for you to achieve success. And, it doesn’t include dieting, going to the gym, or jogging.  Wait for it…ballroom dance lessons will get you in shape. Surprise!

get in shape with ballroom dancing
Ballroom Dance Class

Excuses to avoid taking ballroom dance lessons.

I don’t have a partner.

You don’t need a partner. Read this Dance Safari post, “I Have No One to Practice With Problem Solved” for a few recommendations on finding someone to practice with.

I’m too klutzy to get in shape with ballroom dancing.

You’re not a klutz.  To be sure, anyone can learn, you just have to find the right instructor. “A Great Ballroom Dance Teacher is a Gem” is another Dance Safari goodie.

It’ll never work because I’m too old and I have a bad back.

You’ll see results regardless of your age or physical condition. In addition, how much fun would it be to dance to oldies like Sonny and Cher’s “The Beat Goes On“?

Reasons to take ballroom dance lessons to get in shape.

Effortlessly lose weight and stay fit as you move more.

Ballroom dancing has a sneaky way of getting you on your feet and burning calories.

Get better poise and posture by working to improve your balance.

There are no two ways about it…bad balance is a confidence-buster. On the other hand, ballroom dancing has proved to be a painless way to get in shape by focusing on your dance posture.

Watch your endurance get better with more experience.

This is so true. I once had a student who was on the other side of 80 years old. When he first began taking ballroom dance lessons he could only dance for about 10 minutes before sitting down for a rest.

Before long he was able to dance for the entire lesson. After one year he was doing double lessons with lots of energy. Don’t get me wrong, he told me that he always slept well at night after his dance workouts. I guess that’s another benefit – a good night’s sleep.

This group of seniors loves to dance the night away.

Look good on and off the dance floor.

When you take the time to learn ballroom dancing, you’re gonna find that it’s easy to get in shape and stay fit. Not only that, with all the new friends and acquaintances you make along the way, you’ll have fun doing it.

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  1. Dancing is such a great workout, Barbara; to be sure.
    Unfortunately my man has a knee injury that’s taken us off the dancefloor for now. A little rest should see us back in the new year…
    Hope your Chrissy has been wonderful.. 🙂

  2. ♡ I Trust to My AutoImmune System and Listening to My Body EveryOne; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that if I Desire “UnHealthy” Food and Remaining Static that’s what’s I WILL!!! Do and it’s Worked for 50+ Years…so Maybe I’ll Die Tomorrow or Maybe I AM Immortal; so I CHOOSE!!! The Latter


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