Quiche is a 1980s Throwback That We Need to Bring Back

Here’s a throwback recipe from the late ‘80s that my kids loved when they were little.  There’s something about this rich, creamy quiche that makes me want to add it to the weekly rotation.  Ladies and gents, I present (easy) Swiss Cheese Quiche.

swiss cheese quiche recipe
Here’s my original recipe. By the way, it was printed on my word processor. You know, before pc’s.

This delightful savory tart is made without meat, although you could very easily add bacon or sausage. Some quiche recipes also call for sauteed onions, but I’m staying true to this original recipe. Besides, I find it to be kind of foolproof in its simplicity.

swiss cheese quiche ready to go in the oven
Ready to go in the oven.

By the way, if you’re into all things ’80s, you’ll love this B-52’s song, “Quiche Lorraine“.

Also, if you have a little experience with baking, you might like to try this recipe from Dance Safari, “Blueberry Pie with Oil Crust – Vintage Recipe“.

swiss cheese quiche all done and cooling off
Yeah, baby. What a beaut!

When I’ve done recipes in the past I’ve included the nutritional information. Not this time. I don’t want to scare you away from trying this delicious quiche. Yes, it’s indulgent, but it’s really easy and really good!

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  1. This quiche looks scrumptious. I have an old recipe that a French friend gave me. It’s time to make it again.

  2. Ah darn and drats, Barbara… I did used to love a good Quiche; and this one looks great.
    I will have to forego that delight. I can’t even think of a good vegan translation.. 🙂 🙂
    I will say, though. I have apples waiting to be turned into your wonderful 80s fruit pie. Yum. Now that’s a recipe that just keeps on giving! hahahah…

    • As we speak, I’m baking an easy Ricotta Cake with Fresh Berries. Is there a substitute for the ricotta? Anyway, I’ve never made it before. We’ll have to see if it’s good.

      • Well, Carolyn, in my opinion, you need not worry about locating a substitute for the ricotta cake. I’m afraid it doesn’t compare to grandma’s blueberry pie.

      • And yes, I found a substitute!!!
        I’m sure there’s a great recipe out there that will need my new vegan ricotta cheese.
        Don’t give up hope – never ever ever!!! Hahah…

    • Last time I made it I added sausage and the grandkids ate it up. We used to serve it with fruit salad on the side. But, recently I found a suggestion for a tomato soup side and it sounded tasty.

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