That Ballroom Dance Couple Rocks!

Every once in a while, a ballroom dance couple will appear out of nowhere and blow the minds of audiences and judges. They’ll stand out so much that you simply can’t take your eyes off them and you can’t explain why. How does this happen? What is it about that ballroom dance couple?

What is it about him? Exactly what does he bring to the partnership?

The first thing that you notice is how he presents himself. To be sure, there’s no lack of swagger or a confident manner. He’s in control and wants everyone to know it. As a ballroom dancer, he’s aware that using every part of his body will tell the audience the story that he and his partner are dancing.

He demonstrates perfect body alignment. Engaging his core, or center of balance, he uses his strong, well-developed back to seduce his partner.

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The male’s strength is really evident in how he manages the partnership. Above all, he’s dancing with her, looking at her, feeling her, and concerning himself with nothing else.

His leg, arm, and body lines can be complementary to hers or they may in opposition. Regardless, nothing happens without the expert use of his back and core.

What is it about her? How is she so different?

The follower’s relationship in the partnership is relaxed. That’s because she knows she is being protected by an adoring and powerful leader.

Whether the ballroom dance couple is dancing a dramatic Tango or Paso Doble or a flirty Jive or Quickstep, she is a party to the playful give and take of the performance.

Carefully controlling how she expresses the music through her face and her body, she is the exclamation point at the end of his sentence. Again, both the core and the back define the movements of this outstanding dancer.

that ballroom dance couple rocks

There you have it. That’s my take on what sets a particular ballroom dance couple apart from the rest. My good friend and colleague, Marco Mechelke, owner of Dare To Dance Studio in Cincinnati, OH, said it best:

Take this advice to heart.

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