YouTube Dance Videos You’re Gonna Love

If you’re anything like me, you love to watch YouTube dance videos for ideas and inspiration. The thing is, there’s so much out there. For this reason, I’ve done the legwork (so to speak) and would like to introduce you to a few of my favorites. Here goes.

YouTube Dance Video #1

Hospital orthopedic staff start morning ballroom dance routine before their shift.

What a delightful way to start your day. This group of hospital personnel gets together every morning before work to dance. As a matter of fact, some come in very early just to be a part of it. They claim it gets their blood going. In addition, it tickles the patients to know that their caregivers are doing the Cupid Shuffle.

YouTube dance videos will help you learn the Cupid Shuffle.
A dance workout before work will start the day off right.

What’s to stop you from putting together a little pre-work routine for you and your co-workers? To be sure, you’ll put a smile on your face as you bond with your work buddies. Nothing wrong with that.

YouTube Dance Video #2

Try Ballroom Dancing… In A Wheelchair

Talk about inspiration. Cheryl was injured at 14 and, having lost the use of her legs, has been in a wheelchair ever since. Nevertheless, she’s now in her 50’s and a wheelchair ballroom dancer. I love that she says, “I don’t dance with my legs, I dance with my heart“.

See the YouTube dance video, "Try Ballroom Dancing ... In a Wheelchair".
The art of Wheelchair Dancing enhances many lives.

YouTube Dance Video #3

Best Dance Workout Videos of 2019

Head’s up…a couple of these workout videos in this series gave me a playback error. And, sorry to break it to you, two of them were Hip Hop. Hoping they’re working by the time you read this. But, the others all work fine and are totally worth your attention.

There’s a good mix of styles to choose from. Dance types such as Carribean, Belly Dance, Broadway, and Bollywood are just a few that are represented in this compilation. Challenge yourself to some or all of them to get in the best shape of your life.

YouTube Dance Video #4

Top Ten Most Influential Vintage Swing Dance Clips

Now we’re talking. The history of Swing dancing is documented in this fantastic series of clips by Brian at (as in Los Angeles). In fact, you’ll see everything from Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers to Lindy Hop legends Dean Collins and Jewel McGowan in Abbot and Costello’s Buck Privates.

Speaking of Swing, here’s a Dance Safari post called, “Shuffle Dancing to Electro Swing is Fun“.

In short, I really enjoyed sifting through all the information online to get to these jewels. I hope you find a few that will make a difference in your life.

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