Partner Dancing in 1776 – The Allemande

Take a look at how people were partner dancing in 1776. Yup, this was around the time our founding fathers were signing the Declaration of Independence. What do you think? Who knew the Allemande would be so saucy! †

The partners in this performance appear to be using good dance etiquette but look closely for some sleight of hand. This guy needs to check out the Dance Safari post, “No Wonder She Said No – How to Satisfy Your Dance Partner“.

It’s so interesting to learn about how dancing has evolved over the centuries. Here’s a post about Disco History in New York City during the 1970s.

To be sure, for many years men and women have been getting to know each other on the dance floor. Furthermore, it was no different when they were partner dancing in 1776. Evidently, the Allemande was considered a nice way to make friends and meet new people. And, cop a feel! Lol

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