Dance Studio Problems? Owners, Don’t Give Up!

Dance studio problems can get you down. Dance professionals have lots of desirable traits. In fact, they’re kind, caring, giving, lovable, and sincere people. Their lives are devoted to spreading the love of dance to anyone with the slightest bit of interest. They need to be in a position to touch others and dance is their vehicle. Sure, it’s hard, but dance studio owners – don’t give up!

Yeah, it’s a challenge to keep your studio afloat. Believe me, I know. And, anyone who’s had the privilege of opening a dance studio knows all about it. It certainly keeps you on your toes.

The trouble is the same as it is with any business. That is, customers = income and new customers = growth, and sustainability. Hence, without the clients, there’s gonna be big money problems. The issue is that ads and marketing are expensive and maybe you just don’t have it to spend.

Here are some free or cheap marketing tips that can bring new people into your studio.

Groupon, Holiday Special, Open House, and Guest Party.

It’s all about getting their foot in the door. The Groupon has been around for a while and now seems to be getting its second wind. When someone purchases your deal, they’re shopping for what it is you’re selling. What more could you ask for when you’re trying to solve your dance studio problems?

Everyone loves a sale! Holidays and anniversaries are great times to promote a special deal. After all, people will give you money if you give them a good excuse. Just make it one that’s irresistible.

Host an Open House at the dance studio to help solve problem of not enough students.

The Open House and Guest Party are friendly ways to introduce potential new customers to your school. Guest parties are great because the attendees are basically referrals from your current students. You can’t beat that. Having an Open House lets you welcome the community to your home away from home.

***Very important in order to solve dance studio problems. ***

These people are guests in your business, but you want to turn them into paying customers. Customer service is #1 here. And, the so-called Golden Rule. Make sure you treat them better than they could ever imagine. It’s the time to really go all out to welcome them to your business.

Dance demonstrations. Make it a point to be anywhere there’s a crowd.

Dance demonstrations outside the studio could be at the mall, at schools, or at local fairs and festivals. There is no doubt that there will be an audience. Whether it’s ballet, hip hop, or ballroom, everyone loves to watch dancers doing their thing. Make sure to have business cards or flyers with a terrific offer for new students.

One other thing. You’re gonna want to collect email addresses to send newsletters, special deals, and blog posts. One way to do that is to offer a drawing for a free class. Also, make sure to have at least one person dedicated to grabbing the email addresses.

By the way, if there’s foot traffic where the studio is located, what’s to stop you from setting up a table outside the studio and giving away flyers for free sample lessons. It’s a little harder without the demonstration, but you can get attention when you play some music. Give it a try; it’s one marketing tip that costs nothing to do.

A great marketing tip is to spread the word with free ads.

Use free online classified advertising to promote Open Houses, dance demonstrations, specials, and parties. Here’s a recent list of “Top 12 Free Ad Posting Sites“.

Recitals or showcases that are open to the public benefit greatly from publicity. In addition to the free online classifieds, invite local media and influencers to visit the studio. They’d be happy to interview you and even sample some classes.

Scholarships and Donations to Charitable Organizations

A contest for a dance scholarship at your school is another way to gain interest in what you’re teaching. A sign in the window, the free ad posting sites, your newsletter, and flyers are all great places to advertise your contest. You really have to talk it up in order for it to gain traction, but the free advertising payoff will make it worth the effort. It will definitely put a dent in any problems your dance studio has in getting new students.

Fund raisers are a popular way for clubs and groups to put their hands on some money. When they ask you for a donation, give, give, give. To be sure, the people who buy that raffle ticket are interested in learning to dance themselves or having their children learn.

And, welcome to the 21st century, you’ll need a Blog Post and a YouTube Channel.

Lately, it’s become more important to be seen as an authority on your subject. A dedicated blog post and a YouTube channel can elevate you to that position. Although each has a wide reach of potentially around the world, when your neighbors are looking for instruction, they’ll want to receive it from a school that’s recognized as among the best.

In short, if your business is having trouble because you need new customers, here’s hoping you have some success with these free marketing ideas. With a bit of tweaking, I feel like they can be modified and used for a variety of businesses. Details can be found in the Dance Safari post, “How to Check Out a Ballroom Dance Studio“. All you need to do is pick one to get started. You’ll quickly find what works for you and your dance studio problems will disappear.

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