Music and Dancing Heal the Soul

When you’re soul-sick, it means one thing; it’s time to get out of your head and on to the dance floor. There’s a reason music and dancing heal the soul and it’s because they fill you up from within. Not only that, but it doesn’t matter what your issue is. Just make it your business to be where the music is and dance. In the words of the late, great James Brown, Get up offa that thing, and dance till you feel better!”.

Here are 6 things (in alphabetical order) that can mess with your head, heart, and soul.

(It’s for sure music and dancing are a quick fix for any of them.)


Fear and worry are the biggest causes of anxiety. However, the great thing about moving with the music is it replaces dread and panic with relaxation, companionship, and an easy peaceful feeling.

Being broke

If there’s one thing that can make anyone miserable, it’s being out of money. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend any money to find what it takes to heal the soul. When you think about the abundance of music available on videos, televisions, phones, and computers, it’s a wonder you can stand still at all.


If you’re a meany, others probably see you as unpleasant and rude. Of course, if you’re looking to change that perception, you can use music and dancing to soften up the rough edges. Take someone’s hand and move to the music. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just friendly.


It’s easy to be depressed when you’re sick, have a broken heart, or getting bad news. Here’s a thought, put on your favorite song, grab a partner, and get moving. If there’s no one around to dance with, you have two choices, get out and find somebody or dance alone. You can always put on a video or dance tutorial and follow along. There, that’s better.


There are different levels of being tired, but nothing beats total exhaustion. However, there is a way to move past it. You guessed it, music and dancing. How about you hop in the shower, put on some dancing shoes, and shuffle on down to the local dance hall, dance studio, nightclub, or gin mill. It’ll do you a world of good and you’ll have earned a good night’s sleep.


Seems like nobody’s interested in taking a walk or talking on the phone with you. You’re almost always by yourself and just plain sick of being lonely. Even though it’s okay to enjoy your own company, there’s something to be said for the company of others. Go ahead, make the first (dance) move and put yourself out there.

In Conclusion

Look, there are plenty of things that can make you feel bad, but this simple remedy can help you feel good. Please check out this Dance Safari post, “Guys Who Dance are Popular with the Ladies.”

You’re one of a kind. Now, get out there are let music and dancing into your life. It’s a good move!

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  1. Hi Barbara:

    Even though I have a bad knee, it always feels better with a little music. Dancing seems optional for now sadly.

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