Calling All Dancers! It’s Time to Try Ballroom Dancing

Calling all dancers!”  Children answer the call to learn to dance every day.  Whether you’re a toddler in your first ballet class, a kid who’s a tap-dancing fool, or a teenager working out some street dancing moves, dancing has a way of making your life just a little bit better.  Furthermore, as a youngster, who didn’t dream of being the best and actually making a living at it?  You have to admit it crossed your mind more than once.

But, alas, becoming a professional dancer wasn’t meant to be.  

There are a bunch of things that could stand in the way of your dream.  

  • To begin with, what about your higher education?  If you want to be successful in life, ya gotta get educated. 
  • Next, you had to get a job, because everybody needs to work. You’re going nowhere fast without a paycheck.
  • Sadly, sometimes an injury will end your professional dance career before it begins. Dancers’ hips, knees, and feet take a beating and pain often leads to early retirement.
  • Finally, it’s love and marriage and kids. Oh, my! “Dancing is great, but my family needs me. I can’t take off every night for classes, rehearsals, and performances. I’ve got responsibilities!
"Calling all dancers" includes this family.  There's Mom, Dad, and 5 kids who can be future dancers.
One big happy family of future dancers.

Next time you hear “calling all dancers” here’s what to do.

Ballroom dancing to the rescue!

It’s almost like it was invented for people just like you. Kids who grew up with lessons never lose their love of dancing. Now they’re adults who wish they could still dance. That’s where ballroom dancing comes in.

Because there are lots of different ballroom dances, you’re sure to find some that you love. Depending on the type of music you like, it could be Swing, Waltz, Tango, Hustle, and so many more.

If you liked to dance Hip Hop as a kid, you’re gonna love the Tango.

It’s easy to find lessons.

Just ask around or Google it. For example, you can look for in-person private lessons with an instructor at a studio. Also, there are group classes that feature one teacher with a number of students studying together. (This is a great way to make new dancing buddies.) You might want to look into lessons available online, both free and paid.

The ballroom dance community will welcome you with open arms. Social dancing is practiced by all types of people. It’s won’t be hard to find the group that fits you best. One way to do it is to make a habit of dancing with a variety of partners.

If it’s the performance aspect that you miss, you’re in luck.

Ballroom dancing features opportunities for things like competitions, recitals (called showcases), and graduation performances as you test out of different levels. Learn more about it with this Dance Safari post, “Partner Dancing – Social, Competitive, and Showcase“.

There are so many children who, for whatever reason, gave up dancing. I know because, as an instructor, I heard about it many times from my students. I always felt it was fate that brought them into the studio to learn ballroom dancing.

When you hear “calling all dancers” it’s good news for you.

As a former dance student, you’ll be able to pick up this new style with ease. That means you can enjoy it sooner. Go on, give it a try.

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  1. Great article, Barbara.
    I can only agree with all of your sentiments. Ballroom dancing can be taken up at any age. I was 56 when Keith and I got started on the dance road. And since then we’ve met many who were even older and just love what dance can do – socially, physically, mentally – it’s all there for the tasting!

    • My point, exactly. Ballroom dancing can be as casual or athletic as you like. There’s something for everyone, especially if you were a trained dancer as a youth. Imagine how much easier it would have been for both you and me if we had started as children.
      My best to you. I appreciate your comments as they always make me feel understood.

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