Considering Ballroom Dance Lessons? What to Expect

Struggling with learning ballroom dancing?  Sure, it’s fun but is it easy?  The truth is, it is for some people, but most would say it’s a challenge, especially in the beginning.  Therefore, as you’re considering taking ballroom dance lessons, you should know what’s normal and what’s not.  

After considering ballroom dance lessons, this couple is confident and happy on the dance floor.
You can expect to feel more confident with time.

Lots of folks have learned to ballroom dance.

But, we all start out the same way – with no knowledge and plenty of insecurities.

Is your personality getting in the way of learning to dance?

  • #1…The fear of failure is a real thing.
  • Some people are socially sensitive in unfamiliar settings or situations.
  • It’s not unusual to be shy around new people.
  • A type ‘A’ over-achiever may have personal high expectations resulting in a lack of patience with himself.
  • In some cases, the problem is unfamiliar music, “I’m too old (or too young) for that kind of music.
  • Sure seems like a whole lotta touching going on!

Look within and face what’s holding you back as you’re considering ballroom dance lessons.

Then, tell The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!

It’s time to face your insecurities on the dance floor.
  • You’ve been told you’re uncoordinated and clumsy.
  • It’s embarrassing to be so out of shape.
  • You might feel like you’re too old or too young for partner dancing.
  • If you’re being forced by your partner or spouse to consider ballroom dance lessons, you might feel the need to resist.
  • By saying you have no time for dancing, you think you have the perfect excuse to avoid it.
  • I’m broke!” Undoubtedly, you’re gonna need to invest in dance lessons. However, it’s up to you how much or how little that is.

Indeed, all of these thoughts and excuses are liable to enter your mind as you’re considering ballroom dance lessons. But, my suggestion is try give it a try and don’t let fear stop you from enjoying a good time on the dance floor.

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  2. Really good points to consider here, especially when it comes to digging a little deeper at what might be holding you back. I imagine more people would be open to trying and really indulge in the joy of dance and connecting with others if they could overcome a little fear, perfectionism, concerns over what others think, lower their own high standards, re-evaluate their excuses etc. A lot of the things we think might be important obstacles are ones that need to be overcome because they’re standing in the way of new potentially awesome experiences.
    Caz xx

    • I’m touched that you are so in tune with the point of the post. I’m hoping others will read it and your comment. From there, we may see more people lose their fear of the unknown and take up ballroom dancing.

  3. I love Caz’s comment and heartily agree with all she has said.
    This post, Barbara, reminds me of a gorgeous couple with whom we have had the pleasure of sharing the dance floor. They began their competition era well before we entered the arena. However, it may never have had a beginning had they listened to their first dance teacher. He told Phillip that he was wasting his money; that he’d never be a good dancer.
    I’m adding a video (from youtube) of one of their comps in 2011. In the final of the Masters 2 (over 50s) ballroom they came fourth. And in just a few years they were up with the winners. I loved watching them climbing the ranks. And I know that Philip, along with a heart of gold, overcame all the doubts he created, and those implanted by others.

    • What a great story! I can only chalk the teacher’s comment up to a lack of expertise. Any instructor worth his salt will inspire his students rather than tear them down. Thank goodness Phillip and his partner persevered and proved him wrong.
      Where can I find the video?

      • Yes, it is a great story; one that needs to be told. The vast majority of teachers are, as you say, encouraging and inspiring – I know ours have been!
        The video, Barbara, is visible on your screen – I’ve just been watching it again. But, just in case, I’ll put the link in again.

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