Ballroom Dancing is Good for Teenagers!

Because of the popularity of dance shows on television, in movies, and on stage, people are getting into ballroom dancing earlier than ever before. And so, it’s not just for old folks anymore. In other words, we have ballroom dancing teenagers now!

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If your children are interested in learning partner dancing, congrats. Encourage it, and as a result, you’ll be helping them through what can be a rough period.

We all know the feeling of being socially awkward.

It’s a part of growing up, isn’t it?

It’s a source of irritation for teens who find themselves sitting on the sidelines. However, some kids will get through this chapter feeling confident and powerful enough to ‘dance’ right through the phase.  

If you have a teen who wants to learn how to partner dance, support that desire. Dancing with a partner is the key to a stress-free, lifelong connection with the opposite sex.

You can’t put a price tag on the confidence gained from learning how to dance.  Ballroom dancing teenagers feel brave and attractive on the dance floor. And, that’s so much better than being nervous or not participating at all.

Junior Dance Programs are for ballroom dancing teenagers!

Young men and women will develop their coordination, confidence, musicality, and social skills by joining a good teen ballroom dance program.  The goal is to get them dancing to different types of music so they’ll be excited to show off their new moves!

Juniors up to age 17 will find it ideal to get started with a dance program made specifically for them.  These programs are designed to introduce Ballroom, Latin, and Club-style dancing to your children.

The best thing is these programs somehow attract the nicest kids.  Your ballroom dancing teenagers will make lasting friendships with other teens who share the same interest.

The objectives of a junior program are:

  • Learn to identify the dance.  It’s a mystery when you first begin. Nevertheless, it becomes easier with instruction and repetition.
  • Enjoy an introduction to a variety of dances & steps.  You need to know a bunch of dances and step patterns so you’re not doing the same thing over and over again.
  • Dancing combinations of steps makes transitions easier.  Combinations are three or four steps that you practice one right after the other for a smooth flow.
  • Develop partnership skills to enable you to dance with lots of people.  Being a good partner means learning how to correctly signal (leader) or interpret signals (follower). 

Which dances do ballroom dancing teenagers ask to learn?  

They want to learn the dances that go with the music they like to listen to.  

Salsa, Bachata, & Merengue 

Latin music is fast and exciting.  Energy and enthusiasm for the music make learning the Latin club dances a priority for most teens.  

ballroom dancing teenagers

Here’s a recent Dance Safari post about the benefits of learning Merengue, “Fun Easy Dance to Learn – Merengue“.

Swing and Hustle 

These two American club dances can be used interchangeably.  They use a similar basic step, however, the timing is different.  Ballroom dancing teenagers seem to gravitate to the energy and style of these two dances.

Hustle is often done to Disco or Hip-Hop music while Swing can be danced to anything from Big Band, oldies, contemporary pop, or country.

Nightclub Two-Step for Slow Dancing 

What can I say, you gotta have a dance to do when a slow romantic song comes on.  Nightclub Two-Step is definitely an upgrade from the ‘prom rock’. On the contrary, it uses rotation, turns, and spins (just really slow).

Ask your teens today how they feel about partner dancing.  Help them try it.  Watch them develop better posture, poise, and expression, both on the dance floor and off.

Check out a few classes and instructors. You’ll know when you find the right one. All dedicated dance instructors have but one intention, and that’s to get their students up and using their dancing as quickly as possible. Happy dancing!

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