Life with a Kid Named Logan – Chicken Nuggets

My daughter has two sons, Joe, 14, and Logan, 4. I’ve been taking care of Logan while she’s at work since I moved to North Carolina from Florida. That was almost four years ago.  He was 5 months old when I got here. Those were the days! I want to tell you about my life with a kid named Logan.

Living with a kid named Logan means hoodie shopping.
Shopping for a new hoodie.
I think he likes it.

Let me tell you what he did this morning.

Logan asked me for chicken nuggets for breakfast.  I told him I’d make them when we got back from dropping his brother Joe off at school.  

When we got home, I got my dog, Roxie, something to eat.  Logan decided that he couldn’t wait anymore.  He went into the kitchen and got a plate.  He handed it to me and said, “Chicken nuggets”.  That was all he said, “chicken nuggets”.  Needless to say, I got the message.

Did anybody here order chicken nuggets and juice for breakfast?” I said, in my best waitress voice.  He excitedly pipes up, “Me, me.  I get chicken nuggets”.    He quickly devoured 4 chicken nuggets and a mango juice.  Meanwhile, I made a couple of eggs for my breakfast. 

Logan turned to me and said, “More chicken nuggets, please”.  

Says I, “You’ll have to wait until I finish eating my breakfast”.  Well, I guess he thought I was eating too slowly because he put his plate in his mouth like a dog.  Then, he walked over on all fours and dropped the plate at my feet.

Oh, you’d like some more chicken nuggets?  Why didn’t you say so?”  Off I went to whip up a few more tasty morsels for my customer.  When I returned with a plate full of nuggets, he began to rub his belly and told me his tummy hurt.

Then, stop eating, you little gavone“, said his loving grandmother. “Okay, okay, I’m gonna fix you up.

I took out my massager, pulled up his shirt, and gently massaged his tummy. He giggled at first, but then relaxed and enjoyed it. A minute later he said he was better and asked me for gummi bears dipped in chocolate. I don’t know where he got that idea from, but it sounds pretty good.

I think every day is an adventure when you share your

life with a kid.

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  1. Logan sounds adorable – and you sound like you are in your element as a grandmother.
    What a joy your relationship will be as it grows deeper as the years go by.
    He’s a very fortunate little grandson!

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