Sales Procedures – Why Are They Important?

Sales professionals, do you choose failure or success?  Obviously, succeeding in sales is a terrific way to have a satisfying and lucrative career.  Whether you work for someone else or have your own business, the way to fame and fortune is to follow an established or official way of doing something.  In other words, go with the proven method.

Sales Procedures Work

When you think about it, there’s a procedure for just about everything we do. Things like driving a car, doing the weekly food shopping, and writing a blog post. All chores are easier when you follow a set routine. And, that’s what we’re looking for, a simple way to accomplish our goals.

Some projects require more time than others. For that reason, each step of the procedure must lead to the next. The truth is, as salespeople we have two things to accomplish:

  1. Find out what the potential customer really needs.
  2. Show them you can provide it to them.

If you follow your sales procedure and get a no-sale, oh well.  However, if you don’t and there’s a no-sale, oops.

Follow your sales procedure for fame and fortune.
See that? It’s written in stone.

Ways to Mess Up if You Don’t Use the Proven Method

Maybe you’re a charismatic person who has a knack for getting your way. If so, you might think you don’t have to execute the procedure the way it’s written. On the other hand, when you deviate from the plan, you can run into trouble closing your sale. A few things that will mess you up are:

Being Robotic

In so many instances, communication if the key to success. For example, in your sales procedure there are probably some “speeches” that are a part of your presentation. Speeches help to explain why someone should do business with you. Yes, you must recite them as they’re written and, no, you don’t want to wing it. Actually, they’ve been carefully crafted. The problem is, if you say it with no emotion it comes across as if you’re reading it. When you do that, it sounds like insincere robot-speak and that’s bad communication.

Failing to Customize Your Presentation to the Individual

First off, make sure you’re speaking with the right person. You’ll waste your time and theirs if they’re not in a position to make a decision.

It’s crucial to ask clients questions regarding their needs and really listen to the answers. Use clarifying and probing statements and questions to dig a little deeper into their thought processes. These are very powerful tools. Make sure you use them effectively.

Read more about how to improve your communication skills here.

Don’t Lose Focus

One of the best things about using a sales procedure is it keeps you on track. Of course, in any sales relationship you must be professional. But, you also have to make a friend. Your procedure will help.

Timing is everything.

A professional knows when and how to follow-up on conversations and promises. It’s mandated in the sales procedure. Something as simple as hand-written thank you notes make customers happy. They feel good about doing business with you because you’re following a proven method that has good manners built in.

Here’s a Dance Safari post with a few more tips on how to get sales right, “Striking Out in Sales? Get Back Out There & Close the Deal“.

Playing Your Cards Right

In conclusion, I urge you to take the time to learn your company’s proven method of revenue production. It will be worth your effort when you reap the rewards that come with a complete understanding of the sales procedure.

Using your sales procedure is a great way to play your cards right.
You’re holding a Royal Flush…use it!
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