Adventure on the Ballroom Dance Floor

According to Wikipedia, “An adventure is an exciting experience that is typically a bold, sometimes risky, undertaking. Adventures may be activities with some potential for physical danger…”  If that’s the case, then taking ballroom dance lessons is definitely an adventure.  

In times of trouble, it’s easy to hunker down at home and not venture out very much.  As a matter of fact, even a trip to the supermarket can feel hazardous.  If only there was a more pleasant way to get out of the house and interact with others.  Hello?  Ever hear of ballroom dancing?

Experience adventure on the ballroom dance floor.

Let’s look at how taking ballroom dance lessons is an adventure.

You’ve got to be bold. Go ahead, take the first step.

The first thing to remember is, nobody is a born partner dancer. When it comes to ballroom dancing, everyone has to be taught. That means that when you see a good dancer, you’re looking at someone who has gone through an awkward phase in the beginning, just like you. They had to learn, just like you. You can do it, too, but you’ve got to be fearless, courageous, and daring.

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It’s risky, but worth taking a chance on.

When you think about something being risky, what comes to mind? Maybe that it’ll be a bad experience that you wish never happened?

If something is risky, it may very well turn out to be bad. However, not always. Take ballroom dancing, for instance. Some people have the perception that social dancing is tricky to learn. Mainly it’s the uncertainty about whether or not they can actually pick it up. Most people are afraid to risk being embarrassed in a dance class. Most people are too sensitive!

Dangerous…nah, not really.

Although learning ballroom dancing can be hazardous, it’s rarely deadly. Of course, there will be toes stepped on and couples bumping into each other, but you hardly ever see blood. With time and training, it’s more like driving. You always have to look out for the other guy, but you’ve figured out what to expect. To avoid dangerous accidents, we all follow the same safety and etiquette rules.

Ballroom dancing provides lots of exciting experiences.

Let’s be honest, most of us lead a nice-enough life. But, nothing is as liberating as being able to show off your flashy, dramatic, and sexy side through your dancing. Not only is it acceptable, but it’s also encouraged. As an example, your lively Cha Cha is both exhilarating for you to do and fun for others to watch.

If ballroom dancing is an adventure, it’s one I’m so happy I had the nerve to try.  Never let an exciting experience pass you by.  And, be brave enough to learn to be comfortable enjoying one of life’s greatest pleasures – dancing with a partner.

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  1. I am a very happy ballroom dancer.
    It’s the greatest enhancement to my advanced age abd also provides my body and mind with great excersize.

    • Hey, Russ,
      It’s so nice to hear that you’re enjoying such a fabulous hobby. There are so many benefits to being a ballroom dancer, and you, it seems, are doing it right. Keep it up!
      Thanks for stopping by and bringing a smile to my face.

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