End of Summer Blues – Gonna Miss the Sunny Season

Can you feel the change that’s coming? The days are getting shorter.  Darkness covers the night sky earlier every evening.  The delightful sunrise that has been greeting me each morning at 6 am now comes at 6:30.  Little by little the sunny season is slipping away. For that reason, I can reveal to you that I have the end of summer blues.

What’s so good about summer, you ask?

  1. The heat of the sunny season is better than the cold.
  2. Shorts are better than long pants.
  3. Sleeveless shirts are better than sweaters
lose the end of summer blues with shorts and a tee
Am I right?

In addition to that:

  • Here in the States, summer is filled with celebrations.  We start with Memorial Day in May, on to the 4th of July, and finally, Labor Day.  Fireworks fill the sky all summer long.
  • Pollen?  None.  It’s a thing of the past.
  • Green grass and trees, colorful flowers and bushes, bright blue skies, and gorgeous sunsets (if not a bit too early for my taste, as I mentioned).
  • Cookouts, aka grillin’ and chillin’ are common during the sunny season. Corn, peaches, berries, and all summer produce are kissed by the sun and therefore, delicious.

If you want to upgrade your cookout skills, here are some tips from celebrity grillmasters.

The end of summer brings Autumn and it has some good qualities.

As the trees go to sleep for the winter they give us a show with the most beautiful colors on earth.

The leaves begin to change color at the end of summer.
Anyone who thinks fallen leaves are dead has never watched them dancing on a windy day.”
– Shira Tamir

Brisk temperatures will put some spring in your step. In fact, you’ll want to wrap yourself up in toasty sweaters and caps to stay warm. Not to mention those cute ankle boots that you’ve been dying to wear. It’s time for them to come out of the closet. 

Lose the end of summer blues with these darling green ankle boots.
Love these booties!

Football, pumpkin pie, hayrides, and the warmth you feel as you sit by the fire with friends and family are all things to look forward to in the autumn.

I’m always sad when it’s the end of summer.

Having spent half of my life in Florida, I crave the sunny season. I love the freedom of the summer.  It’s then that I can take a walk in the woods, get my feet wet at the lake, or just sit and enjoy the sunshine as it hits my back.  Not to mention how great it is to be able to just go out without sweaters, jackets, scarves, and gloves.  (The only thing to remember is to have some water with you so you can stay hydrated.)

Hopefully, we’ll get the opportunity to catch Summer 2021 before it slips away for good. Oh, one last thing. Since summer where I live is the ‘rainy’ season, I thought I’d link to this Dance Safari post, “Dance Videos Made for a Stormy Day“. Enjoy!

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  1. 💜 SAD (Seasonal Affective DisOrder) is Accepted as a Mental Health Condition by The Mental Health Profession EveryOne; perhaps that’s why so many non-humans spend colder months hibernating…yet, surely, colder weather makes for more Sweaty Ballroom Dancing and fuelling up afterwards to replenish energy ALL the while waiting for The Inevitable Return of Spring and Summer; along with the possibility of an Indian Summer in September


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