Important Life Lessons to Learn as We Mature

Man, we have so much to learn about ourselves and others. The truth is, most of it isn’t going to stick until we grow up. It’s said with age comes wisdom, and that’s so true. Good thing, too, because sometimes young people are kinda thick. Thick, but resilient. In times of trouble they bounce back easily without even noticing the issues their actions create. Maybe ignorance is bliss, but by the time you’re an adult, you’re gonna want to work on some of these important life lessons.

9 Important Life Lessons to Quiet the Voices in Your Head

1. Be patient with yourself and others.

Impatience can be a tyrant that pops up when you feel frustrated. Perhaps you’re driving somewhere and the car in front of you is going too slow for you. You know you want to tailgate them or pull some outrageous passing maneuver while you give them the finger.

An important life lesson is learning to be patient.

Why not try something different this time. Take a breath, put on some music, and think about someone or something that makes you happy. You have the power to untie those knots.

By the same token, be patient with yourself, too. Did you get distracted when you were at work and made a mistake that cost you time and the company money? Don’t beat yourself up over it. Negative self-talk is a step in the wrong direction. Again, take a breath, acknowledge the problem, fix it, and learn from it.

For more thoughts on managing stress, here’s a Dance Safari post, “Stressed Out? 10 Things That Drive Anxiety Away“.

2. If you don’t like me, it’s your problem, not mine.

Honestly, I am not responsible for your feelings towards me. Like most people, I enjoy being liked, but, if there’s something about me that turns you off, oh, well. This is a difficult life lesson to master.

3. Kindness matters.

It’s especially important to treat kids and animals with love and respect (or they’ll bite ya).

4. Acting with anger or impatience always results in regret.

Whenever I let my big Noo Yawk mouth go and tell someone what I really think, it only takes a few minutes for me to be sorry I did. However, these days I find it easier to hold my tongue and just move on. I’m never sorry when I do.

5. Don’t worry, be happy is a pretty good strategy.

As the great Bob Marley sings in his song, Three Little Birds, “Don’t worry about a thing, ’cause every little thing’s gonna be alright.

Don't worry is an important life lesson.
I’ll bet you were expecting Bobby McFerrin.

6. Ignore bad behavior.

We all know someone who speaks or acts a certain way with the sole purpose of getting your goat. Ignore it and it’s ‘game over’. I’ve been known to put myself in time-out by getting out of there. “What ‘cha gonna do now that you have nobody to play with?”

7. Time heals all wounds.

  • Here’s where patience comes back into play. After a traumatic event, you might feel like you’ll never be the same, but give it time. Soon those good feelings will be back.
  • Cry when you want to. Hopefully, you won’t have to do it often.
  • Staying busy with projects around your home and garden are great ways to pass the time. Make your home a safe haven as you surround yourself with things that make you happy.

8. Learning how to smile often is an important life lesson. Try it!

A smile softens your look so you become more approachable. Not only that, but others will see you as a winner.

By the way, don’t forget to smile with your eyes if you’re wearing a mask.

9. Speak up

Helen Mirren has an important life lesson for you to learn.
Well said, Helen!
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  1. “Whatcha gonna do now that you have no one to play with?”

    That has been so helpful for me lately — to just bow out gracefully and offer no reaction.

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