Living the Good Life Here in North Carolina

Relocating from Florida to North Carolina was a shock to my system. The whole vibe is different and took a little getting used to. Imagine having to drive 2-3 hours to get to the beach. But, when you add in the mountains and Piedmont, you see this is a lovely area. I guess you can say I’m living the good life here in North Carolina.

It’s easy to go from the city to the country in just a few minutes.

We went blueberry picking recently. It was amazing how we went from downtown Raleigh to acres and acres of farmland and crops during a very short drive.  

picking blueberries as i'm living the good life

By the way, I love my Florida blueberries and the Jersey blues, but I have never tasted such a delectable little piece of fruit in my life.  As a matter of fact, here in North Carolina, there’s an abundance of farms, farm stands, and farmer’s markets.  You get the picture, lots of fresh, local goodies to eat.  What a treat!

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I’m learning more every day about life here in North Carolina.  Although I have lived in several different states in my life, this is my first time living near the mountains.  For some reason, the sky seems more blue and the clouds more fluffy.  I’m dizzy with delight as I breathe in the clean mountain air.

view from my front yard here in North Carolina
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The seasons are changing here in North Carolina.

It’ll be Fall in a minute, and I’m looking forward to it.  After spending half of my life in the shade of palm trees, it’ll be nice to be surrounded by the Earth’s most beautiful colors. But, I’m not sure I’ll be ready to accept the winter weather.  We’ll soon see.

As you know, ballroom dancing is my passion, but you can’t dance all the time. When you’re not dancing, I hope you can take a moment to fall in love with your town.

line dancing and ballroom dancing


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