Daybreaker Morning Dance Party – Wake Up and Dance!

According to their website, “DAYBREAKER IS A MORNING DANCE PARTY THAT WILL START YOUR DAY WITH ENERGY & INTENTION.” Daybreaker focuses on early morning dancing, presumably before work. In addition, there’s no alcohol, no dressing up, and no attitudes. Participants are there for one thing, “shake, shake, shake – shake your booty“.

At first, they were only in New York City where they started in 2013. However, they soon became popular all over the world.  Recently, (or at least until the pandemic started) there were 536 yearly events and 500,000 members in 25 cities.

Since the lock-down, the parties have gone virtual.  With this in mind, I want to let you know about a free dance party that’s coming up this weekend on Saturday, April 17, 2021. 

Here’s the info from the Daybreaker website.

D.O.S.E. by Daybreaker Presents

🌸🎸 Rock N’ Rollin’ Spring Fling 🎸🌸

A Sock Hop Dance Sponsored by AARP

Featuring Chubby Checker, Postmodern Jukebox & The Swayzees

Let’s set the scene.

🎬✨ It’s the first warm, sunny day of Spring and there’s a spark in the air. You hear from Sally that Chubby Checker (the Rock N’ Roll king behind The Twist and The Fly) is coming to town for a big, secret bash — and suddenly you feel that urge… To let your hair down (or grease it up), turn the jukebox up and literally kick your shoes right off. You want to dance. 💃

So on Saturday, April 17th — you’re going to throw on your poodle skirt, cuff up your jeans, slide into your best white socks and beam Daybreaker LIVE straight to your pad for the 👏  first-ever virtual sock hop. 👏  It’s a Rock N’ Rollin’ Spring Fling, our homage to the golden ‘50s — and we’re coming out to play. 🕶

If you’re a cool cat, a rebel without a cause, or just want to get your hand jive on — this dance party is for you. We’ll rock around the clock from 11am – 1pm Eastern Time to bounce and slow dance in socked feet. 🧦

Oh, and in case Sally didn’t say… Our friends at AARP are empowering this experience to make tix free for the whole community—so you get first dibs on a spot with your RSVP. 🎟

The run-of-show?

🤫 Daybreaker co-Founder and Mama Radha will kick it off with a gentle, energizing 15-minute warm-up to wake up our bodies. Our MC Elliott LaRue (total dreamboat) will get us in the mood to groove, and The Vintage DJ, Jonathan E. Jacobs, will throw on the vinyl to spin some good ol’ Rock N’ Roll classics for the dance party. 🎸🎶

We’ll save some of the surprises for the show — but expect a proper twist-showdown from Chubby Checker, a taste of Key West Rock n’ Roll from The Swayzees, and a live one-song concert from Postmodern Jukebox.

Let’s just say this is your dream American Bandstand moment coming to life. This era in dance is all about having fun — and we’re going to make it rock. 💋

See you on the (virtual) dance floor.

the lineup


11:00 AM – 11:20 AM ET

A full body Joy Practice led by Daybreaker co-Founder Radha Agrawal


11:20 AM – 1:00 PM ET

Guided Dance Party Experience with Daybreaker MC Elliott LaRue

Live DJ set by The Vintage DJ, Jonathan E. Jacobs

Live Performances by Chubby Checker, Postmodern Jukebox & The Swayzees

Registration for this Daybreaker morning dance party is run by Eventbrite.


In order to register, simply click the link above and you’re in. Also, don’t forget to scroll down to complete the registration.

Of course, I’m looking forward to this event. I especially love the fact that it has live performances, like Postmodern Jukebox. Because Postmodern Jukebox is so cool, here’s the link to the Dance Safari post, “Electro Swing…Funky Feel-Good Music“.

Times are tough, so why not take advantage of this gift of dancing, fun, and community? Go for it, what have you got to lose?

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  1. 💜 I AM a Terrible Dance Leader EveryOne; be prepared to be thrown around the Dance Floor


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