Tai Chi – A Workout That Doesn’t Feel Like Exercise

Are you looking for a workout that doesn’t take a lot of time or equipment?  Is doing your fitness routine at home important to you?  Does it have to be easy to learn?  Do you want to get in shape, but don’t want to break a sweat? Yeah, me, too.  I’ve got the answer – Tai Chi.  Hell, you can even do it sitting down.  Yup, whether you spell it Tai Chi or Taiji, that’s the workout for me! I’ve studied it before, but I believe it’s time to give this Meditation in Motion another look.

Tai Chi is an exceptional way to develop both the mind and the body.  It increases blood flow as you learn the actions that are actually martial arts moves.  This slow, easy exercise is paired with intentional breathing patterns.  As a result, there is a sense of peace and calm. 

The workout that doesn’t feel like exercise.

To begin with, here’s an easy-to-follow video that introduces some of the basics.

Tai Chi doesn’t require any equipment and it’s a quick workout. Give yourself 5-10 minutes maybe twice a day and you’ll receive all the benefits of better health and flexibility. It can be done indoors or out and I promise you won’t be winded at the end of your workout.

Tai Chi can be done outside.

And, you want easy? Listen to this, in many cases, the name of the move will describe the action. For example, names like Grasp the Bird’s Tail, Step Up & Raise Hands, Play Guitar, Brush Knee, Chop with Fist, and Carry the Tiger to the Mountain paint a picture that makes them less challenging to remember.

In addition, the slow, continuous movement and the thoughtful, controlled breathing will result in a feeling of tranquility.

Are there different styles of Tai Chi?

There are 5 main types of Tai Chi. Although they are similar, some are more athletic than others. However, in truth, they all deliver a low impact on the body, with many health and well-being perks. My feeling is, rather than worrying about which style to take, spend time finding the instructor who speaks to your needs.

One of the best things about Tai Chi is there are so many videos online that you can choose from. Many are free to use as often as you like, while others are lessons that are designed to introduce the techniques needed to progress from one level to the next. Try researching YouTube for expert recommendations for the best online Tai Chi classes. You’ll have plenty to choose from.

One more thing.

You know I’m crazy for ballroom dancing. As a former competitive dancer and Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, I believe I have the answer to the question posed in this Dance Safari post, “What Sport Makes You a Better Dancer?” It’s my opinion that sport is Martial Arts. Ergo, learning Tai Chi will help your ballroom dancing. Go figure!

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    • I applaud that idea. You try it, and I’ll try it, too. I’m gonna start with that little 5-minute video on the basics. Here’s to good health through Tai Chi!

  1. I dabbled in Tai Chi for several years as an enhancement to my karate training. I only did one Yang-style long form, but it was quite a workout and very beneficial in many ways. I can whole heartily recommend it.

  2. I did some tai chi last night after 20 years. I found an old video. I ended up relearning the moves again and spent about 2 hours on it. I felt so energised afterwards and had a great sleep. I’ll definitely be taking it up again

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