A Dance Coach is a Good Investment

There’s nothing better than going to your ballroom dance studio and spending time with your instructor. Instructors are responsible for giving you the gift of dance. Your teacher holds your hand and gently guides you on your dance journey. However, there will come a time when he or she will want to invite a dance coach onto your lesson. And, you’ll want to know why you should.

But first, to learn a bit about how using a dance coach can come in handy, take a minute to read this Dance Safari post, “Partner Dancing – Social, Competitive, and Showcase“.

To begin, let’s see what it takes to be a dance coach.

A ballroom dance coach is a person who has extensive training by the world’s best coaches. They know the only route to success is knowledge and they take it very seriously. Their backgrounds vary, but may include:

  • Ballroom dance instructors and studio owners with many years of experience and strong knowledge of choreography as well as advanced techniques.
  • Dance Directors and adjudicators who are expert in teaching and judging students of all levels.
  • Professional competitors, many holding national and international titles.

Read this post about the great American coach, Rufus Dustin. It’s quite a story!

What’s it like to have a session with a dance coach?

Well, some say it’s like taking a basketball lesson from LeBron James or a golf lesson with Tiger Woods. It’s concentrated instruction that’s offered at exactly the right pace to make a strong impact on your dancing. Most dance coaches started as ballroom dance instructors. For this reason, they’re skilled at getting results and know what to say to get you moving quickly. Basically, at this level of instruction, you can expect fast results.

You’ll be provided with the most up to date theories on dance techniques. Because of their personal journey, these coaches have acquired game-changing information in the world of ballroom dancing. It’s almost as if they’re doctors of dance and must keep up with the latest developments. Only then will they be in a position to share them with ballroom dance instructors and their extremely motivated students.

Keep in mind that your dance coaches are interested in making you comfortable on the dance floor. Therefore, expect to learn the secrets of better partnership skills. Good partners rarely sit out dances when there’s music playing.

One more thing. You’ll be introduced to new and exciting experiences during your coaching session.


Isn’t it time to put the icing on the cake, so to speak? It’s one thing to be a good social dancer and quite another to learn choreography and transform yourself into a performer.


Dancing with style is the dream of all performers. It’s kind of like the difference in how you feel when you throw on any old clothes and when you put on that outfit that says, “Look at me!” You have a smile on your face and your confidence soars when you flaunt your style. Guess who’s gonna find a way to lift your exhibition to the stylish level it deserves. That’s right, your dance coach.

Expression, aka telling a story with your dancing

Finally, here’s how to stand out on the dance floor…expression. You know what I mean. Be the dancer who lets the world know what’s going on in their performance. Enthusiasm, excitement, and entertainment are important, but you’ve got to feel the story your dance portrays. In your Waltz, are you Cinderella and you’ve just met your Prince? Tango music is strong and passionate. Does your expression fit the music? Perhaps you’re dancing to a carefree Foxtrot like “Singing in the Rain”. Does your movement mimic the happy-go-lucky feeling of the song? Your dance coach and ballroom dance instructor will work with you to make sure the character of the song and the dance are just right.

Rufus Dustin is a great dance coach.
Here’s what can happen when you have a great coach like Rufus Dustin.

Do you worry that you aren’t good enough or you won’t be able to remember all the wonderful tips you received on your coaching session?

Frankly, that’s what your ballroom dance instructor is for. He or she has the ability to implement the solid information that’s so important to your continued development. In fact, this is true regardless of where you are in your dancing currently. Just know the changes will take a little time. Furthermore, your teacher will follow through on all the goodies your dance coach has given you.

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