Valentine’s Day 2020 – Lots of Love!

For Valentine’s Day 2020, I present these words of love from the great Louise Hay.

valentine's day 2020 love affirmation

My Heart Beats to the Rhythm of Love” “Valentine’s Day Adventure for the Young at Heart

Why is love good for you?

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  1. ♡ Because I “Love” MySelf making it easier for Me to “Love” others; especially in those ‘Tough “Love”‘ Situations with Loved Ones and also the Loving of The Basic Humanity of Those who Think it’s AlRight to Hurt and Harm Others in The Name of {INSERT YOUR BELIEF AND VALUE SYSTEM(S) HERE} ALL the while Hating the Behaviour of These Humans


    • I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the day of love than this sentiment. I believe it translates into a life filled with either love or we “agree to disagree”.
      Thanks for sharing.

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