Dr. John Performs His Best Ever Version of “Such a Night”

Malcolm John Rebennack Jr., more famously known as Dr. John, was a prolific singing, songwriting, piano-playing entertainer.  In fact, one of the most successful songs he wrote was “Such a Night”. It’s for this reason, according to Wikipedia, he performed “Such a Night” on Thanksgiving Day in 1976 at the farewell concert for The Band. The concert was filmed by Martin Scorsese and released as the movie The Last Waltz.”  It’s a fine presentation of the song, but here is what is considered to be Dr. John’s best ever version of “Such a Night”. To be sure, he’ll never let you down. Enjoy!

Here’s a comment on this Dr. John video from a gentleman named Chuck Kirkpatrick.

“PLEASE tell me that that is more than just one piano player in that intro…..my God, how does he do that? And now I confess; I got to work briefly with Mac when I was an engineer at Criteria in the early 70s. Never will I forget the night I walked into studio B where Mac was totally alone, way back in the corner at the Hammond B-3 with just one light on and shining down on him as he played the most incredible stuff I ever heard. I was mesmerized by his playing that New Orleans style that defies all musical laws, swinging dotted eights with one hand and straight 4-4 with the other. The man is a freak of musical nature.”

Pretty cool, huh!

As I’m sure you’ll agree, Dr. John has a musical style all his own. In addition to this, his performances were like a Broadway production. As a matter of fact, I have enjoyed his show many times and no two were alike.

Unfortunately, having passed on June 6, 2019, we won’t have the chance to see Dr. John shows live anymore. Thank goodness he lives on in so many great videos. Therefore, I hope you’ll spend some time watching and listening to this great talent. As I have said, you won’t be disappointed.

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