Like Lottery Scratch-Offs? Public Service Announcement

Who doesn’t like lottery scratch-offs?  You know, it’s about the thrill of the chase.  Yes, we’re chasing down the almighty dollar.  

And, when it comes to scratching off the ticket, people are funny. 

As a matter of fact, when it comes to lottery scratch-offs, it seems like everyone has a system. I know I do.  

  • First, I’ll uncover the winning bar code.  Gotta make it easy for the guy behind the counter to pay me.
  • Then, I scratch off the winning numbers.
  • After that, I begin to scratch my numbers beginning at the bottom right corner, starting with the prize, followed by the number.  
  • Finally, I travel around the card in a zig-zag pattern, after which I fill in the ones that I missed, in order from the top left.

I told you people are funny. Here are some other examples.

  • Some players can’t be bothered finding a coin and meticulously scratching the whole card.  They’re perfectly fine with using their fingernail to uncover the bar code, after which they check right away to see if it’s a winner.
  • Others will use their lucky quarter to frantically scratch, scratch, scratch the ticket until it’s all clean.  Then, they’ll take a quick glance at the card to check the numbers. This is always followed by a small smile (winner!) or a small frown (aww shit!). 
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  • My Dad would make us crazy with the lottery tickets.  He’d make himself comfortable on the couch, take out a coin, and scratch off maybe 2 or 3 numbers.  He’d stop and have a cup of coffee and a cigarette. When he was good and ready he’d pick the card up and scratch a few more off.  Repeat coffee and cigarette. Over and over until finally he was done. Accordingly, it was now time to study that sucker like a medical research scientist looking for a cure.  

One time, when I lived in Florida, I almost threw out a winning card. 

Lottery scratch-offs machine
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For that reason, I began hoarding lottery scratch-offs. And, I mean I kept all of them, winners and losers.  Whenever I wanted a little extra cash for a quick trip to Las Vegas, I’d go to Publix with a big stack of tickets and proceed to check each one out. 

I was never again gonna chance tossing a winner.

With that said, imagine my consternation today when I took a very small stack (6 tickets) to a gas station here in Raleigh to redeem them.  After the gentleman scanned them, he gave me $21 and handed 2 tickets back to me. He said they weren’t in the system.  

“Huh, what does that mean?”  “I don’t know,” says he, “maybe they’ve expired.” 

lottery scratch-offs that have expired
Too late!

Here’s your public service announcement.

Don’t hold on to lottery tickets. It’s a sure way to turn a winner into a loser.

In order to solve the mystery of the tickets that weren’t in the system, I went to the North Caroline Education Lottery website. There I found a page where you can check to see when a game ends. In addition, it tells you the last day that you can redeem an expired game. I missed it by 2 weeks. Ugh.

There went $35 down the drain.

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