Feeling Uneasy Spending Your Money on Dance Lessons?

Do you feel uneasy about spending your hard-earned dollars on ballroom dance lessons? Maybe you do, but I believe the important word here is “your“. It’s your money to spend as you see fit. The fact is, not everyone understands how great ballroom dancing makes you feel. It’s hard to put a price on something that improves your life so much. But, you get it, don’t you?

It’s true that we all get a wee bit of a guilty feeling once in a while. Especially when we’re treating ourselves to something that we’re not sure we should. But, we really, really want it. Like when we order a triple-scoop banana split with nuts, marshmallow cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and a cherry on top. It’s probably not that good for us. Ah, but it sure is tasty.

feeling uneasy spending your calories on a banana split?
It is a beautiful thing!

On the other hand, ballroom dancing is extremely good for us. Take a look at some of the gifts it drops on us.

How ballroom dancing enhances our lives so that we don’t feel guilty about the cost…

  • The joy of moving to music with a partner makes us feel like anything is possible. Imagine the sense of accomplishment you’ll get when you’re able to dance with any partner – good or maybe not-so-good. You’ll find that pride and self-esteem increase as you make progress.
  • Anticipating an evening of dancing is a delicious feeling. You’ll never feel guilty about looking forward to spending time with your dance buddies. Ballroom dancing gives us relaxation and relief from the stress of everyday living. And, we need that. Leave your problems behind and give yourself to the moment.
  • Expressing yourself while you share the experience with your dance partner brings a certain elegance to your life. (How about this Waltz competition for elegance?) It’s a very satisfying feeling that comes when you have the confidence to let yourself go and become one with the music and your partner.
  • Mindfulness is a buzzword that means being in a state of awareness of the present moment. This prevents you from living in the past or worrying about the future. Isn’t it true that ballroom dancing requires mindfulness in order to safely move as a team?

When you think about it, a ballroom dancing hobby gives so much, it’ll make that uneasy feeling you get about spending money disappear.

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