7 Reasons to Participate in a Ballroom Dance Showcase

It’s the time of year when studios are beginning to prepare for their Winter Ballroom Dance Showcase.  If your instructor asks you to perform in the studio showcase, he or she is saying that it’s time for you to step it up.  When it’s all over I promise you’ll be very happy about what you’ve done.

What is a Ballroom Dance Showcase?  

A showcase is a recital for ballroom dancers.   As such, it consists of students and their teachers performing a choreographed routine to a particular piece of music. Studio Showcases sometimes use a set theme such as, “Tango Extravaganza” or “Swingin’ Through the Decades”.

A routine can be anywhere from 1-3 minutes long.  Although, a 1-1.5 minute routine would be reserved for newer students doing their first solo performance and is called a ‘Spotlight’.

In contrast, a full routine is anywhere from 2-3 minutes and would include complete choreography with a higher degree of difficulty.  Keep in mind that your Showcase choreography should be hard for you in the beginning. It’ll take time to feel comfortable with what you’re learning.  If it’s easy in the beginning, you’ll be bored in the 2-3 months that you’re working on your routine.  

Be brave – your instructor will take good care of you.

What are the 7 things I’ll want to know about ballroom dance showcases?

1.  Showcase participation is a sneaky way to quickly improve one dance. 

You have some thinking to do about which dance to choose.  For example, you can pick your favorite dance and make it better.  On the other hand, you might want to pick your worst dance or one you’ve never tried.  And, guess what!  With all the concentration and effort you put into your ballroom dance Showcase routine, that dance will become your best.

2.  Develop style and polish. 

Doing a dance routine when you’re the only couple on the floor is very different from social dancing on a crowded floor.  With this in mind, now you’re learning to be stylish in your presentation.  Furthermore, you’ll want to work on the little things to make your routine shine.

3.  Participating in an event with fellow students and instructors shows support and teamwork. 

You’ll find yourself rooting your buddies on, encouraging and comforting them.  To be sure, it’s a supportive way to create a bond that will last a lifetime.

4.  Show your co-workers, friends, and family what you’ve been learning. 

This is the perfect reason to ask everybody you know to come to your ballroom dance showcase and see just exactly what you’ve been talking about.  Furthermore, prepare for them to be shocked and awed!

5.  Learn to express your feelings through your dance.  

You want to tell a story with your dance.  You’re an actor and your dance is your voice.  Accordingly, using your arms, legs, and hands along with your body will bring the message to your audience.  

6.  Why not do something different (and, maybe, a little scary)? 

It’s not unusual for your teacher to have to twist your arm the first time.  However, I promise you’ll look forward to doing it again and again.  Watch here as Charlie Brown and Lucy do a Tango routine.

7.  Feel great when you’ve accomplished something that’s outside of your comfort zone. 

Most people don’t feel like they’re born performers.  But, with proper preparation and practice, you’ll have a ball.  Congratulations on a job well done!

Once you get a taste of performing, you might like to try dancing in a competition.  Check out the Dance Safari post entitled, “Why in the World Would I Do a Ballroom Dance Competition!?!

By the way, when I first started ballroom dancing, my instructor asked the Dance Director if I could audition for the upcoming showcase.  He said, “No.”  So be proud if you’re a part of the big day.  Some of us had to wait.   

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