How to Stay Youthful the Easy Way

Why focus on staying youthful?  Because, when you’re a grownup you think age is just a number.  Unless you look your age. Then it’s a burden.  Not cool!

What are the benefits of staying youthful?

Staying youthful is the right choice to make regardless of your actual age.  Indeed, a youthful attitude will bring you stronger relationships, better self-esteem, and more relevancy.  Not to mention one of the greatest benefits of all, better mobility.  

All of these things make it easier to find friends, a mate, or even employment because you project an aura of wisdom and curiosity.  It’s not hard to stay youthful.  The steps outlined below will work for you at any age.  

How to reverse the aging process:

  • Have pride in your appearance.  That’s right, I said it.  You’ve got to care about how you look.   All it takes to stay youthful looking is a neat, clean presence with a flattering hairstyle and a swipe of lipstick or lip balm.  A bit of whimsy wouldn’t hurt, either.  
  • Eat foods of color that haven’t been overly processed.  You have to do better than something like fast food if you want to stay energized. For this reason, eat the best food you can, simply prepared.
  • Drink plenty of water, and, of course strictly for its health benefits, the occasional glass of wine.
  • staying youthful by walking
    Move a lot. Staying active is the key. Learn to dance or take up walking.  Walking is the easiest exercise in the world.  Do it, even if you can’t go far to begin. Soon you will.  
  • Learn something new every day. To be sure, having a childlike curiosity will keep you involved and up to date with the world around you.

Look within to accept and love yourself exactly as you are.

  • Stay in touch with friends and family because reaching out to others makes them feel good and creates a loving chain.
  • Share your skills and gifts.  
  • Become more active in your community. Being interested in everybody you meet takes you out of your own head and will result in others being interested in you.
  • Have a job to do.   Whether it’s your work, hobby, or career, you need to have a daily responsibility.
  • Get a pet because there is nothing in this world that will love you more.  
    staying youthful with pet

If this intrigues you, please read this Dance Safari post, “It’s Time to Learn How to…” for some additional life-enhancing tips. And, ladies, here’s a post about using makeup to look younger.

Believe it’s possible, pledge to feel better and look better.  You’ll be staying youthful the easy way, by loving yourself!


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