Quick Tips for a Great Ballroom Dance Lesson

Taking ballroom dance lessons should be thought of as an investment in yourself. Just as you would invest in the best and safest car, don’t hesitate to authorize the most fitting instruction for your dancing needs.

What does it take to guarantee that you have a great ballroom dance lesson?

First of all, it’s important to leave the outside world outside.

Sure, we all have to deal with the stress of modern living, but making the effort to let it go is the first step towards a better life. In addition, to avoid the frustration of rushing, you’re gonna want to get to your lesson early enough to warm up and review the material you’ve been working on. Keep in mind that if you don’t manage this, the instructor will have to spend the beginning part of your lesson gently bringing you in from the outside.

To make sure that you get the most out of your lessons, always have the proper equipment.

By that, I mean dance shoes, notebook, and video camera (of course, your phone camera is fine). Your ballroom dance shoes have a suede sole to give you a good relationship with the floor. Get into the habit of asking questions and taking notes for a better understanding of how things are done. Also, the camera will be useful to document any moves that you’ll need to practice before your next lesson.

dance shoes ensure a great ballroom dance lesson
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Comfort and safety make for a great ballroom dance lesson.

Eat something light before your lesson.

In order to avoid the discomfort of being hungry, make sure to eat. Having a little something in your belly is a fine way to guarantee that you have the energy needed to have a great ballroom dance lesson. Especially if your lesson is immediately after work. Whether you bring it from home or grab something to eat on the way, don’t overdo it. In fact, if you’re not hungry, why not bring a snack to munch on during the lesson in case you start to feel those hunger pangs while you’re dancing. Just a few nuts or a piece of cheese will do the trick.

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Watch out for the other guy.

You bet safety is an issue on the ballroom dance floor. Whether its your private lesson, a group class, or a dance party, you gotta look out for the other guy. Of course, it’s the leader’s responsibility to guide the team, but a follower has a unique perspective, as well. She can and should be helpful to the leader when she sees something he cannot.

Also, be careful with arm and leg lines when there are others on the floor. This is especially important during social dancing when it’s plain ol’ good manners to keep things smaller than you would if you were performing or competing.

Finally, here are 2 more quick tips for a great ballroom dance lesson.

  1. Stay after class for a bit and practice what you worked on while it’s fresh in your mind. You’re in the process of building muscle memory which requires lots of repetition.
  2. Keep your lessons close together to get the most out of them. I promise you’ll be dancing better and sooner if you do.

If you hope to become a better dancer, just follow these tips on your lessons and you’ll be there in no time. Thanks for reading!

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