Looking for a Job? Become a Ballroom Dance Teacher

I have a 16 year old grandson who is trying to decide what he wants to do after high school. There are a few different paths he can take and it’s a big decision. Personally, I spent most of my career in the ballroom dance industry and it was fantastic! What about you? Are you looking for a job? Maybe you should consider becoming a ballroom dance teacher.

Here’s why you should become a ballroom dance teacher when you’re looking for a job.

Co-workers are important to job satisfaction and ballroom dance professionals are some of the nicest people around. Their naturally friendly personalities quickly make others comfortable. Having good social skills is so important that things like customer service, conversation, and the ability to make others feel relaxed are part of teachers’ everyday training.

Dancing is fun.

A ballroom dance teacher knows that if you want to feel good, moving to music is the answer. Although rocking out by yourself is good therapy, dancing with a partner is where its at. That’s because everything is better with buddies. For this reason, make friends with people who love to dance and you’ll never be alone.

Let’s talk about mood and ambiance.

I have a lot of respect for those who spend their days in a grittier environment. After all, where would we be without factory workers, sanitation engineers, and high school teachers? However, when I was looking for a job, I couldn’t resist lovely ballrooms with great music and talented professionals.

Music is life.

Ballroom dancers listen to music constantly as they’re always searching for the next great song to dance to. Hearing emotional music, whether it’s uplifting, sad, strong, or happy, challenges minds to creatively express what they hear.

Important benefits of becoming a ballroom dance teacher.

  • Dance the day away…and get paid for doing it!
  • Sleep late, but finish work in time to enjoy the nightlife.
  • Learn to dance. Once you pick it up you’ll be able to use it for the rest of your life. 
  • Teaching others to dance is very rewarding.
  • Communication skills improve as you interact with many different personalities.
  • Compete and perform ballroom dancing.
  • Travel to competitions all around the world.
  • Earn a good living doing something you love.

Training to become a ballroom dance teacher.

Working as a ballroom dance teacher is mentally and physically challenging. Your training will be broken up into three parts, each equally important.

1.Learn to dance.

Whether you’re a leader or a follower, you’ll begin this journey by learning to be comfortable on a social dance floor.

2.Acquire teaching skills.

Once you’ve learned the basics of the dances, it’s time to begin studying how to teach them to your students. That means, if you’re a follower, you become expert in the leader’s part, and vice versa.

3.Master the art of selling dance lessons.

After all, if you don’t sell some dance lessons, you’ll have no one to teach.

Communication is everything when it comes to sales. That and having complete belief and faith in your product. It’ll be easy, because you just have to look within and see all the benefits you enjoy because you learned to dance.

A typical day…

…begins with a meeting to go over the scheduled appointments. It’s the ballroom dance teacher’s responsibility to have the most up-to-date personalized student program on each lesson. Teachers need to keep detailed records of what was taught.

Next on the schedule is Dance Session which is dance training for instructors. Acquiring knowledge about your product is the key to success in any industry. Keep that in mind when you’re looking for a job.

Be sure to confirm all of your appointments. Then, its a matter of planning and teaching fun lessons. That’s it, piece of cake!

Keep this quote in mind when you're looking for a job.

I dedicate this post to my grandson. Hope he’ll consider becoming a ballroom dance teacher. He’d be terrific!

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  1. I’ve met a few males in day jobs such as supermarket staff, even club employees who have the ‘ballroom dancer’s body’… You know: healthy, strong, with a great upright spine. I’ve been known to say – Are you a ballroom dancer? You look like someone who could really love being on the dance floor!
    Some have gone really quiet; then have said – Thanks for that. I’ll give it some thought; or words to that effect.

    • There we go…spreading the love of ballroom dancing to unsuspecting people. Somebody’s got to do it. I love hearing that you don’t mince words either. “You look like a dancer” is a great compliment and if it gets people thinking about trying it, our job is done!

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