An Unwelcome Guest That Bit the Dust

Let me start by saying, I’m a grown woman. Furthermore, I’ve been around and seen a lot. Yet, something went down in my kitchen the other day that I have never seen before. Here’s what happened when an unwelcome guest made its way into my house and bit the dust.

The day started with a lovefest of texts between me and my #1 daughter.

Me:  “Good morning, my princess.”

#1:  “Morning!

Me:  “Do you know what I love about you?  I love how you always take care of me.

#1:  “I love that about you, too!

(She’s all about the exclamation point! You know the type…always with the smile.)

At this point, I had something to tell her, but I wasn’t really sure how say it.

Therefore, I decided to cut to the chase and tell her about my unwelcome guest.

Me:  “I don’t know how the mouse got in the washing machine.

#1:  “Oh lordy. Is he dead?

Me:  “Yeah. Or sleeping. Lol.

#1:  “Ok. I haven’t had coffee yet, so I can’t think about this now. I’m about to go get my groceries. I’ll come by on the way back.

Me:  “Okay, thanks sweetie. Like I said, you always take care of your old Mama. See ya soon.

At that point, I closed the lid on the washing machine and made breakfast.

Picture shows an unwelcome guest (a mouse) doing laundry.
They say mice love doing laundry.

About an hour later…

Here comes #1 up the driveway. From where I stand, I can see she’s got a determined look on her face. Not only that but, she left the kids in the car. Obviously a good move with the poor dead mouse laying with the clothes in the washer.

I told her about what I learned when I Googled, “How to Get a Mouse Out of Washing Machine (A Non-Icky Guide) – EnviroMom.”

And, she let me know, in no uncertain terms, that she already had a plan and she just needed some supplies.

Please get me a rag and the kitchen tongs.”

Oh, no,” says I. “Not my tongs!

For crying out loud, Ma, don’t worry about your tongs.”

She told me her plan. “First, we’ll throw the rag over the mouse. Then, we’ll pick it up with the tongs and put it in a bag. Finally, we’ll ditch the bag in the trash can outside. Good plan, huh?

The plan to evict the unwelcome guest from the washing machine went surprisingly well.

With that, #1 was on her way.

At this point, I wanted to clean and disinfect the washing machine. I began with a cleaning tablet designed for washing machines and followed that with a cycle using hot water and bleach. When it was done, that old appliance was starting to look pretty good.

All that was left was to rewash the clothes that went swimming with the mouse. When that was done, it felt good to put this adventure behind me. Like I said, I’ve seen a bunch of things, but I never thought I’d witness the accidental death of a mouse in my washing machine.

I have had unwanted visitors in my house before. Read this Dance Safari post, “Skinks and Lizards and Guests, Oh, My!

Closing Thoughts

It’s important to have someone in your life who you can count on. And, keep in mind that sometimes you’ll come to their rescue and sometimes they’ll come to yours. Thanks to my daughter Nico, for being my hero once again! (Yeah, I like exclamation points, too!!!)

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  1. I was toggling between laughing and grimacing as I read your hilarious encounter with wildlife! (I too like exclamation points.)
    1000% – We all need that someone, or some ones, who can be counted on, at any time, with their love, their humour, their – whatever is needed.
    I am still smiling, Barbara. Let’s hope that little mouse will warn his friends, from spirit, not to venture into your laundry. 🐭

    • Well, there I was emptying the washer when I see something I don’t recognize. What the heck is that? Then I see the tail. Oh, lord, it’s a mouse! Anyway, at least it was clean. Lol. Haven’t seen any of his buddies since it happened last Sunday. Fingers crossed.
      Best to you and keep dancing!

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