7 Sexy Ideas You Can Steal from Ballroom Dancing

Warning – don’t try this at work – this is powerful stuff! Got that Seven Year Itch?  If so, I’ve got the remedy – 7 sexy ideas you can steal from ballroom dancing.  Trouble in paradise? Who needs a marriage counselor?  Instead, get thee to a studio for some dance lessons and discover the secret to a happy relationship.

Looking to light someone’s fire? These 7 sexy ideas will do the trick.

1. Leading and Following

In ballroom dancing, we have both a leader and a follower. As in real life, in order to maintain a happy personal relationship, each partner has a role to play. Indeed, without these roles, there’d be consequences.

Having two leaders would result in lots of head-butting and power struggles. On the other hand, if there are no leaders and only followers, you’d get nowhere fast.

2. Shake that booty.

In ballroom dancing, bodies are used to tell a story, For instance, the Latin dances, such as Salsa, Rumba, and Bachata make use of the hips, torso, and shoulders to get the sexy message across.

The way dancers hold their bodies shows the character of the dance and their intentions. For example, bold, sharp, and powerful movements in Tango and Paso Doble demonstrate an indomitable spirit.

As you watch Ricardo and Yulia dance Paso Doble, I think you’ll agree that his intentions are clear. Oh, yeah, baby!

3. Touching

Ballroom dancing, especially Latin and Rhythm styles, uses touch to express the story. Sometimes it’s subtle, other times not so much. But, at all times dancers love to make contact with their partner’s face, neck, shoulders, and waist.  Here are Kiki and Nahir to show you how it’s done in Bachata.

Allow your fingers to dance along the skin. Enjoy full-body hugs, caressing all the nooks and crannies that have been neglected.

7 sexy ideas include touching
I think he likes it.

4. Flirting with Your Partner

In the first place, experts say flirting always begins with a look followed by a look away. Ballroom dancers know that locking their eyes on their partners is a way to create a bond. By focusing on them, they’re encouraging a relationship to develop.

Secondly, comes the smile. Although it begins in the eyes (yes, your eyes can smile), to be effective both on the dance floor and off, it’ll slowly radiate down to your mouth. From there, tease a little by taking it away and wait for the results. Many times your partner will find a way to bring the attention back – just like the dancers do when they perform.

She's got at least 7 sexy ideas
It all starts with a look.

5. Passion

Life is filled with passion. And, a passionate dancer will always rise above the rest. When we freely share our feelings of love, hate, power, strength, and even weakness, we open ourselves up to a richer relationship. Don’t hide your passion; embrace it.

6. Expression

A dance without expression is boring to watch. With this in mind, depending on the dance, performers can be sultry, light, moody, jazzy, or carefree. Be like a dancer and show your feelings by expressing them with your face, arms, hands, and body movements. Become exciting to watch as you engage in a love dance for your partner.

7. Blindfold Your Partner (???)

Sometimes in ballroom dancing, a follower will be asked to wear a blindfold. In fact, this enhances her sense of touch and allows her to become a more sensitive partner. She will not hesitate if she trusts that she’ll be safe. Reassurance and strong guidance may very well result in your relationship being taken to a new level of excitement.

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To sum up, there’s much to be learned from ballroom dancers. Why don’t you take some lessons and find out for yourself?

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