Why Would I Do a Ballroom Dance Competition?!

It’s simple…you should do a ballroom dance competition because you love to dance! When you think of all the benefits of ballroom dancing, it’s almost too good to be true. That’s because it’s the hobby that keeps on giving. Want a more satisfying social life? How about long, lean muscles and fewer aches and pains as you easily drop any extra pounds? Interested in reducing stress and increasing energy? Better balance and coordination? We’ve got you covered. The best thing is all this dancing makes you look and feel great. In addition to that, it’s fun. Learning to dance is fun, hanging around the dance studio is fun, and participating in a ballroom dance competition is also fun.

Still unconvinced about doing a ballroom dance competition?

Here’s a short survey to help you decide.

Which of the following applies to you? I…

_____enjoy the satisfaction that comes from improving myself.

_____love the sense of achievement that I get when I accomplish my goals.

_____want to be challenged.

_____like to work hard to be competitive.

_____have a strong desire to be the best in whatever I do.

Why Compete in a Ballroom Dance Competition?

It’s been proven over time that performing in a ballroom dance competition improves concentration, coordination, and creativity. Not only that, but working hard on your presentation shows love and respect for your teacher, your school, and yourself.

Please read this Dance Safari post, “What Kind of Ballroom Dancer Do You Want to Be?“.

“I just started dancing a few months ago.  How can I be good enough for a competition?”

Ballroom dance competitions use a system to make it fair for all competitors. To sum it up, you’ll be dancing with your instructor in what’s called the Pro-Am division. This means there’s a professional dancing with an amateur. The terms Bronze, Silver, and Gold describe the different levels of instruction and achievement. Competitions begin with the Newcomer or Pre-Bronze level and go all the way up to Gold. You compete with others at your level, age, and sex.

“I’m uncomfortable with people watching me.  Why should I put myself in that position?”  

why should i do a ballroom dance competition
There comes a time in everybody’s life that they have to get up in front of a group. Why not let your teacher guide you along the way?

It’s natural to feel like everybody’s watching you. However, that feeling quickly disappears as you learn. There’s a reason that ballroom dance competitions have been around for decades and are now more popular than ever.

So, here’s an answer to the question of why compete. Ballroom dance professionals know that doing a competition is a great way to quickly raise your level of dancing.  The truth is, they know this from personal experience. That’s because they’ve seen it in themselves and in their students. 

So, when your teacher suggests a ballroom competition for you, he is showing that he cares for you as a student. Setting a short-term goal like competition will greatly improve your technique and style.  Equally important, knowing that you’ll be getting up in front of the judges and fellow competitors, you’ll naturally train a bit harder. 

While you’re at it, here is an article detailing why experts say setting goals is important. Check it out and don’t forget to print out some goal-setting worksheets.

By competing, you’ll become a better dancer more quickly. Don’t pass up a chance to experience the thrill and excitement of performing in an event that you’ll never forget.

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  1. Competing is really exciting! I’ll never forget going to watch and competing myself

  2. I recently read your blog post titled “Ballroom Dance Competition: Why?” and I wanted to express my appreciation for your insightful exploration of the reasons why individuals participate in ballroom dance competitions. Your article beautifully captures the essence of these competitions and sheds light on the myriad benefits they offer to dancers.

    You highlight the joy and exhilaration that comes from performing and competing in ballroom dance. The electrifying energy, the connection with a partner, and the opportunity to showcase one’s skills and artistry on a grand stage all contribute to a thrilling and memorable experience. Your description of the competition atmosphere resonates deeply with dancers who understand the unique blend of excitement and nerves that accompany these events.

    I appreciate how you emphasize the personal growth that can be achieved through competition. The challenges and demands of preparing for and participating in a ballroom dance competition push dancers to their limits, fostering discipline, perseverance, and resilience. The journey towards the competition itself becomes a catalyst for self-improvement and personal development.

    Furthermore, your recognition of the transformative power of ballroom dance competitions on relationships is commendable. The bond that develops between dance partners through shared goals, trust, and collaboration is unparalleled. The mutual support, shared victories, and even the challenges faced together create a deep connection and sense of unity that extends beyond the dance floor.

    You also touch upon the sense of community and camaraderie that permeates ballroom dance competitions. The supportive and encouraging atmosphere, the friendships formed with fellow competitors, and the shared passion for dance contribute to a vibrant and uplifting experience. Competitions become a space where dancers come together to celebrate their love for ballroom dance and inspire one another.

    Thank you for delving into the essence of ballroom dance competitions and highlighting the multitude of reasons why dancers choose to participate in them. Your insights provide valuable perspective and reaffirm the importance of these events in the dance community. I look forward to reading more of your engaging and informative content in the future.

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