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If you want to have a good time, get yourself to a ballroom dance class soon. You’ll really enjoy yourself. Not only will you have fun, you’ll find it’s the secret to living well and feeling great. Don’t wait. Pick up the phone today and make an appointment for a free trial lesson.

This gentleman is on the phone  to schedule some ballroom dance lessons.

Yes, you can learn to dance.  It’s something we’re born to do. Babies can’t help but wiggle their little butts when the music is rocking.  I know I’m acting like Ms. Smug Know-It-All, but I’m sure taking a ballroom dance class is the right thing for you to do.  And, don’t delay because you’re missing out on an awesome good time.

To answer any questions you may have about going to a studio, read this Dance Safari post, “Learning to Dance:  What to Expect on Your Free Lesson at a Ballroom Dance Studio“.

Physically, your body will change when you take ballroom dance lessons.

Increased stamina. 

When you first start taking dance lessons, a 45-60 minute session might be a bit much for you.  Especially if you’re someone who doesn’t exercise or if you spend your day sitting at a desk.  After the first week, watch your endurance grow.

Improved muscle strength.  

Many people work out or go to the gym, but see a reduced benefit because they don’t stick with it.  Stick with ballroom dancing and become a stronger version of yourself.

See your body change as you lose weight.  

Learning to dance is one of the sneakiest ways to lose weight and get in better shape. You’ll find that it’s painless and surprisingly undemanding.  

Develop excellent poise and posture as you take your lessons.  

Good dancers have good posture.  It’s a physical habit both on and off the dance floor.  Move with confidence and pride for all the world to see.

Become more graceful.  

They say because dancers keep their heads up, they’re more likely to trip than others.  This is true, but due to their exquisite balance, they’re less likely to fall.  

What else can you expect from your lessons?

Build a better social life with your new friends.  

When you learn to dance, whether it’s ballroom dancing, Argentine Tango, Latin dancing like Salsa and Bachata, or one of the many forms of Swing dancing, you’re never alone.  You’ve given yourself the opportunity to join an elite group enjoying your shared skill.  For sure, it’s a lifestyle upgrade!  

Express yourself in your ballroom dance class.  

Practice and perseverance will give you the confidence to lose yourself to the music.  When you give your heart to the music and dancing, you show the world your vitality and even a certain air of lustiness.  And nothing is sexier than that!

The chance to perform.  

Imagine feeling so good about yourself and your dancing that you actually look forward to people watching you.  Studio competitions and Showcase recitals give you the perfect excuse to show off.

Here’s a student doing a lovely demonstration of a Viennese Waltz with her teacher at a party. This could be you…what are you waiting for?

Make a particular person happy with lessons.  

It may be yourself, your spouse/significant other, or someone you want to impress.  Whatever the case, this is an investment that will definitely pay off.

This couple is dancing and smiling at home because they took dance lessons.  They are happy with each other.

More sex.  

Do I really have to explain this one?

This is the license plate of the Ghostbusters vehicle.  "Who you gonna call" is their saying.
Who you gonna call?!

Please make that phone call. Call Arthur Murray Dance Studios, Fred Astaire Dance Studios, an independent studio, or the YMCA. Give yourself the gift of dance and be a happier person!

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