A Poem About Ballroom Dancing

There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned poem to pull at your heartstrings. I recently came across a lovely poem about ballroom dancing by Brian Bilston. It’s titled She’d Dance.

This image consists of the words to a poem about ballroom dancing called She'd Dance.

This poem reminds me that dance choreography exists to tell a story. It’s the same with poetry. This one is the tale of a couple’s love and friendship. Not only that, there’s lots of movement, joy, and longing which is exactly what you’d expect from a poem about ballroom dancing.

Literature about ballroom dancing can be hard to find. Here’s one in a Dance Safari post, “Types of Waltz in Ballroom Dancing.” It includes a work by Dorothy Parker called The Waltz. It’s a witty description of a man and woman’s first dance at a social in the early 20th century.

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  1. Just love this poem, I started dancing at 55 because my husband had booked lessons, at 74 I still enjoy this wonderful pass time. So beautiful to be dancing in the arms of my husband of 55 years, who I love dearly.

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